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Male Sexual Health and TCM

Men’s sexual ability is much more dependent on Kidney Energy and Essence than women are; these qualities naturally decline as we age if not re-enforced through tonic herbs, qi gong exercises, and proper lifestyle choices.  

Any appropriate tonic formula that contains Kidney tonic herbs will likely be beneficial to a man’s sexual health; many who chose to take Return to Spring formula for their hair loss are happy to report this unexpected side effect! Although some of the herbs used have immediate beneficial effects, the core herbal Tonics that address underlying deficiencies take time to repair the different bodily functions. Tonics should be used throughout our aging years to prevent the progression of chronic illnesses and to insure that we are able to fully enjoy all of the years of our life as a whole
male-sexual-herbalsexual person.

Common Patterns Associated with Male Sexual Issues According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Kidney Yang Deficiency and ED

Yang Deficiency leading to male sexual problems would have several indications which could include cold testes, soreness and weakness in the lower back and knees, poor memory, hearing and hair loss, loose teeth, aversion to cold and cold extremities. Look to Sustained Essence formula.

heart-chi-herbalKidney-Heart Imbalances and ED

Blood flow is vital for maintaining a healthy erection for men. The Heart influences Blood circulation throughout the body, and lack of proper circulation can be detrimental to not only a man’s general wellness, but to his sexual performance as well. Consider Sustained Essence formula and Blood Mansion formula used together.




Kidney-Liver Imbalances and ED

The Liver channel traverses the testicles and male sexual organs and the proper flow free-and-easy-wanderer-herbof Qi and Blood through the Liver meridian is essential for a male to have proper sexual function. Consider Sustained Essence formula and Free and Easy Wanderer formula.


spleen-chi-herbalDampness Impeding the Free Flow of Qi and Blood and ED

When the Spleen energetic organ (TCM) is impaired, Internal Dampness can accumulate in the body blocking the flow of Qi and Blood necessary for a man to function sexually. Consider Sustained Essence formula and Restore the Middle Way formula together.

Trauma, surgery, pharmaceutical medications and other external forces that can contribute to ED are not as well addressed with Chinese herbs as indications of natural decline, but can be considered. Certainly, with trauma and surgery, herbs that improve circulation are going to speed healing and lead to improved outcomes.


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