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White Tiger Return Formula - Lung Qi Support Supplement


White Tiger Return Formula - Lung Qi Support Supplement

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Product Description

Lung Qi Tonic
Herbal Supplement Formula

Indications: Lung Qi Deficiency, Chronic Lung Dampness, Lung Dryness. Designed to strengthen and normalize the Lungs according to Chinese medicine.

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Note: Organs mentioned are energetic organ systems according to TCM, not western medicine.

Supplements Facts

Active Ingredients:

Cordyceps sinensis fungi - dong chong xia cao - certified organic
Codonopsis pilosula root - dang shen - certified organic
Schisandra chinensis fruit - wu wei zi - certified organic
Tussilago farfara herb - kuan dong cao - certified organic
Trigonella foenum seed - hu lu ba - certified organic
Inula helenium root - elecampane - certified organic
Oreganum species herb - niu zhi - certified organic
Thymus vulgaris herb - bai li xiang - certified organic
Althaea officinalis root - marshmallow - certified organic
Verbascum thapsis herb - mullein - certified organic
Citrus aurantium peel - zhi shi - certified organic
Nigella sativa seed - Black Seed - certified organic
Foeniculum vulgare fruit - xiao hu xiang - certified organic
Pimpinella anisum seed - da hui xiang zi - certified organic

Herbal Teapills

herbal tea pill facts

Quantity-120 Grams - Approximately 1000 teapills

Bottle lasts about 5 weeks

Serving Size: 8 Teapills

Servings Per Container: 125

Directions: Take 8 teapills 3 times per day or as directed by a health care professional.

Other Ingredients: 30% Certified Organic Brown Rice Flour


Herb Formula Powders

herbal supplement powder

Quantity-100 Grams

Bottle lasts about a month

Serving Size:1 gram

Servings Per Container: 100

Directions: Take 1 gram 3X per day or as directed by a health care professional. 

Other Ingredients: None

Please read the description on powders and directions for making powders here before ordering! 


Herbal Capsules



Quantity: 500 mg per capsule

Serving Size: 2 capsules

Servings Per Container: 60

Directions: Take 2 capsules 3X per day or as directed by a health care professional. 

Other Ingredients: Vegetarian Capsules 


General Information:

Warning: This formula has not been evaluated for use in pregnant or nursing women. 

Keep Out of Reach of Children.
Store in a cool dry place 56-82ºF.

More about tea pills and powders 

Formula Break Down

Inula helenium root, or elecampane  is one of the few SpleenQi and Lung Qi tonic herbs that is native to the United States used to restore Lung health and rebuild vitality.
Codonopsis pilosula root, or dang shen is a Qi tonic herb used to restore vitaility and benefit the Lungs.
Oreganum species herb, or niu zhi, or oregano leaf is a common spice that has recently gained popularity for its ability to clear fungal infections and bacteria from the body. Oregano benefits the Lungs and reduces phlegm when present. The Lung energetic organ system responds well to aromatic herbal remedies.
Trigonella foenum seed, hu lu ba,  or fenugreek seed is a Kidney tonic herb in Chinese medicine, but is often used as a Lung support herb in western herbal medicine. This is an especially helpful herb for those who have trouble inhaling, as the Kidney energy actually "grasps the Qi" when we breath according to TCM.
Schisandra chinensis fruit, or wu wei zi is used in Chinese medicine for chronic coughing and wheezing due to deficiencies of the Lungs and Kidneys.
Tussilago farfara herb, kuan dong cao, or coltsfoot leaf and flower is an excellent Lung herb that has astringing qualities helping to control phlegm, and stops coughing and wheezing by redirecting Qi downward and restoring harmony.
Thymus vulgaris herb, bai li xiang, or thyme leaf is a common aromatic kitchen spice that benefits the Lungs.
Althaea officinalis root, or marshmallow  root is a demulcent herb that aids with all types of coughs, but especially dry coughs and breathing difficulties due to dryness.
Salvia officinalis herb, sheng cao, or sage leaf is another aromatic astringing herb that is drying for excessive phlegm, and is healing to tissue due to its astringing qualities.
Verbascum thapsis herb, or mullein leaf is a common western Lung tonic herb that has both astringing and demulcent qualities, benefiting the Lungs and stopping coughing and wheezing due to both Dry and Damp conditions.
Citrus aurantium peel, zhi shi,  or bitter orange is used to help direct the Qi in the correct direction as coughing is seen as Rebellious Qi according to TCM.
Foeniculum vulgare fruit - xiao hu xiang, or fennel seed aids in the digestibility of this Lung Health formula.
Pimpinella anisum seed - da hui xiang zi - certified organic
Olea europaea herb, gan lan cao, or olive leaf has risen in popularity of resent as a general wellness herb, and it benefits the Lungs.

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