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About Us


About Ageless Herbs

We are a micro-manufacturer of high quality herbal formulas made with certified organic herbs; there are very few operations such as ours in the US since the FDA and NCDA began overseeing the production of herbal supplements in 2010. With this oversight, herbal manufacturers are regularly inspected insuring stringent good manufacturing standards requiring lots of paperwork and testing. 

This effort all started many years ago before a single tea-pill or tonic was made, back in the early 80's when Ageless Herbs founder Catherine Browne was growing organic herbs on her herb farm and training medicinal herbalists at her herb school.

Back then, herbalism in the U.S. was not well accepted, and knowledge about the healing qualities of herbs was hard to come by. Catherine spent endless weekends teaching workshops and classes, and organizing weekend conferences focusing on the simple, but profound healing qualities of western herbs as part of a grass roots herb movement in the States.

Learn more about our small family business here.

It wasn't until the 90's when she enrolled in Oriental medical school that the art of healing with herbs developed in to a new level of skill combining the benefits of Chinese medical theory, Chinese herbs and western herbs for her patients. When she began practicing as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in a medical clinic just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina as a nationally board certified practitioner, it became apparent that she could not find the types of formulas that combined the benefits of both east and west that she wanted to prescribe to her patients that were made with organic herbs. Thus, out of necessity, she began developing and producing Ageless Herbs formulas. Later, Catherine become involved with the community acupuncture movement where she worked to provide affordable health care to all.


Want to know more about our founder and herbalist? Click here for Catherine Browne, L.Ac., RH, Dipl.Ac. full bio!

We Support Organic Farming!

We don't just support it, we live it! You can see pictures of our Medicinal Herb Farm at! Our farm is a member of the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association which promotes sustainable agriculture throughout the Southeast. Talk about transparency; how many of your herbal suppliers can you actually visit 

We Support Herbal Education

You can actually come to our herb farm and attend herb classes in herbal medicine making and growing medicinal herbs! We also have advanced professional development classes (NCCAOM-PDA) for licensed acupuncturists who would like to learn to grow medicinal Chinese herbs or to incorporate western herbs in to their medical clinic. Learn more at

We Work to Limit Our Footprint

This is not a new effort on our part; we were organic beginning in 1983! Most of our interns and students were still in diapers when we went green! You will notice that our packing and shipping materials are recyclable, but we go beyond this in reducing, reusing, recycling, and renewing all things possible during manufacturing and farming efforts.