Acupressure Self-care Tools

Acupressure Self-care Tools

Dr. Browne developed the recipes acupressure sticks with essential oils over two decades ago. Read the story about the origins of Acu-sticks here!

Just like herbs, the pure essential oils derived from medicinal botanicals have specific actions on the energetic organ systems according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Each energetic organ system is connected to a channel with acupuncture points that can be used to balance the body and enhance health. Acu-sticks contain potent pure essential oils that are used to enhance acupressure treatments by activating the points and opening the channels for deep organ-level healing and pain relief along the associated channels.

For example, chen-pi is known to help break up Liver Qi stagnation. The Liver is part of the Wood Element. Thus, chen-pi pure essential oil is included with other appropriate essential oils in the Wood Element Acu-stick™ are used on Liver acupuncture points along the Liver channel.

Simply use the Acu-stick applicator to apply the corresponding essential oils to acupressure points. You can chose to apply pressure to the point, but the essential oils by themselves will work to activate points also.

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