Ageless Herbs Philosophy


Our Herbal Philosophy

We started organic herb farming over 35 years ago at our first business Mt.Carmel Herb Farm!

Ageless Herbs was created in 2007 to provide safe and pure TCM herbs.

Herb farmers for 35 years

Our family has been herb farming for 35 years! Olivia, Catherine, and Emmit are seen above at the original Mt.Carmel Herbs


1st) Access Trumps Exclusivity

The ideal situation would be for each person to have access to a highly skilled clinical herbalist with a fully stocked pharmacy of organic herbs. Unfortunately, well trained herbalists with diagnostic skills are rare in the US, and many other countries. When an herbalist is available, consultations and customized formulas can be quite prohibitively expensive for most people. We believe that individuals have a right to easy access of affordable herbal formulas, and this right should not be reserved for only the wealthy. Additionally, we feel that individuals are not only capable of self-care, they are obligated to be advocates for their own health care and have the wisdom to know what conditions require professional intervention.

2nd) Pure, Organic Trumps Traditional Local

Some herbalists feel that only Chinese herbs grown in Asia will work as delineated according to Chinese medicine. Just as a human will carry genetic traits regardless of upbringing, so will plants which continue to produce the active constituents which make them valuable. While environmental factors, or “dao di”, will influence the nature of botanicals, people are simply not willing to purchase herbs grown in questionable environmental conditions. Chinese herbs have suffered a great deal of bad publicity because of pesticide and heavy metal residues found in herb formulas imported from China, and we would like to help change this perception.


One of our herbal stocks

3rd) Compliance Trumps Traditional Preparations

Traditionally, you would likely take a sack of whole herbs from the herbalist and simmer them each day to make your remedies in Chinese medicine. We have not found this to be realistic in a clinic setting, or for most customers. We are most concerned that patients and customers actually take their herbs, rather than fretting over the fact that they may be 10% less effective in tablet form than if they were brewed. The herbs will absolutely be 0% effective if you are unable to realistically take them on a regular basis.

4th) Public Education Trumps Academic Exclusion

We work very hard to take the mystery out of Chinese medicine for individuals. There is a strong academic push to only describe Chinese medicine in pure academic terms. To us, this appears to be an effort to maintain information in the hands of the few. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts to explain TCM in lay terms.

5th) We work to promote wellness

While many of our formulas are intended to enhance longevity, our main focus is to increase the quality of life while aging. Aging is inevitable, but it is possible to age well without suffering with chronic diseases that cause suffering.