Aging Dog

Using Herbal Remedies to Promote Health and Wellness

As dogs age they tend to be less vibrant and more prone to diseases. Tonic herbs can play an important role in promoting the quality of life for your dog so that they can live out their full lifespan without suffering. While we offer a general wellness tonic for prevention, we also have specific formulas for maladies that may have already developed.

Rejuvenation Tonicaging-dog-herbs.png

Aging dog tonic herbal formulas utilize a special class of herbs used to restore vitality, health, and energy. They are used daily for six months or longer as part of a wellness plan.

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Fire Element Heart Health Pattern

Tonic herbs used daily for heart health and circulation.

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Earth Element Pattern

Used daily for old dogs with hemorrhoids, digestive disorder, or weeping skin. 

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Water Element Yin Pattern

Great for dry skin in aging dogs.

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Water Element Yang Pattern

Used for hind leg weakness, hearing loss, or coldness in aging dogs.

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Wei Qi Pattern

For aging dogs with a weakened immune system.

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Joint Health Herbs

Used for arthritis, pain and mobility issues in aging dogs.

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Blood Sugar Balancing

For old dogs who have developed diabetes.

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