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Currency - All prices are in AUD

Currency - All prices are in AUD

Natural Skin Care

  • Natural nourishment for aging skin.

    Ancient Secrets Facial Serum $29.95

    1 oz./28 grams 96% Organic! This rich, luxurious serum is ideal for dry skin with signs of photo aging. The amazing botanical qualities of nourishing seed oils and essential oils will restore your skins natural elasticity...

  • Natural gentle herbal exfoliation.

    Chrysanthemum Flower Sugar Scrub $19.95

    87% Organic! 5 oz./142 gr. This all-natural therapeutic herbal bath scrub contains herbs and pure essential oils that help to lessen redness of the skin and lackluster skin. Shea butter and coconut oil add an extra...

  • Natural herbal remedy for excessive sweat.

    Excessive Sweating Body Powder $14.95

    93% Organic! 2 oz./58 gr. An all-natural, talc-free, therapeutic herbal body powder containing astringing and drying herbs and essential oils to combat excessive sweating. The base of this powder is organic arrowroot which...

  • Four Flowers Facial Toner is gentle and non-drying; perfect for any skin type

    Four Flowers Facial Toner $26.95

    6oz./170 grams 82% Organic! This light natural toner tightens pores without drying the skin utilizing both astringing and emollient herbs and flowers. Light delicate floral notes are clearly evident in this gently brewed...

  • Natural gentle exfoliation.

    Gogi-Hibiscus Sugar Scrub $19.95

    86% Organic! 5 oz./142 gr. The amazing anti-oxidant qualities of Gogi berries combine with hibiscus flowers that is sometimes referred to as “botanical botox” because it inhibits the enzyme elastase which is...

  • Natural cellulite remedy with grapefruit.

    Grapefruit-Cinnamon Cellulite Gel $29.95

    8 oz./226 grams - 71% Organic! An answer to all over body-firming. This super-concentrated formula of highly active botanical ingredients penetrates deeply to release toxins and absorb structure-building herbal materials...

  • Ju Huan Night Cream with natural and organic ingredients.

    Honeysuckle Night Cream $24.95 $14.95

    4 oz./113 grams - 72% organic! Ideal for the face; this is a nourishing nighttime moisturizer as well as a daytime protective cream.  Can also be used as a facial cleansing cream. Jin Yin Hua, or honeysuckle...

  • Gentle natural body powder with organic ingredients.

    Lavender-Rose Body Powder $14.95

    93% Organic! 2 oz./58 gr. An all-natural, talc-free, fragrance free herbal body powder containing aromatic flowers of lavender and red rose and essential oil of lavender. The base of this powder is organic arrowroot which...

  • Spicy scrub exfoliates rough skin naturally.

    Manly Cinnamon-Ginger Scrub $19.95

    5 oz./142 gr. Even big strong men want soft healthy skin! This all-natural therapeutic herbal bath scrub contains herbs and essential oils that help to exfoliate dry, dead skin and moisturize while smelling wonderfully...

  • Herbs that kill bacteria work to reduce odor naturally.

    Natural Body Odor Powder $14.95

    92% Organic! 2 oz./58 gr. An all-natural, talc-free, therapeutic herbal body powder containing bacteria reducing herbs and essential oils to combat body odor while imparting pleasing a light, natural fragrance. The base of...

  • Herbs work to reverse sun damage in rich butter.

    Photo-aging Hand Repair Butter $24.95

    4 oz./113 grams - 70% Organic! We pamper our faces with lotions, potions, and toners but our hands are often left neglected. We consistently apply sun screen to our faces but rarely to our hands, and are hands are...

  • Enzymes gently remove dead skin cells leaving skin radiant.

    Reishi Enzyme Mask $32.95 $19.95

    2 oz./113 grams. 74% organic! Description: Active organic enzymes gently scavenge damaged, diseased, and dead skin cells in order to make room for new skin tissue and collagen to fill in the skins upper dermal layer...

  • Seeing is Believing Eye Gel for smoother skin around the eyes. Includes natural and herbal organic ingredients.

    Seeing is Believing! Eye Gel $24.95

    1 oz./28 grams - 75% Organic! Your eyes don’t lie and they are the first to show signs of age and stress. Seeing is Believing! eye gel works to fades dark circles, restore elasticity and firmness, and help smooth fine...

  • Natural herbal remedy for smooth skin on the back of the upper arms.

    Upper Arm Scrub $29.95

    2 oz./57 grams 74% Organic! No more chicken skin! This natural exfoliant remedy works great on the back of arms, upper thighs, buttocks or anywhere that you want to remove bump and dry patches of skin and restore soft skin...

  • Daily cleansing exfoliate. Natural botanical beauty products from the Far-East!

    White Tea Daily Exfoliant $16.95 $8.00

    2 oz./57 grams 70% Organic! A gentle daily scrub containing Organic Polyphenols of Green Tea and White Tea as well as tropical butters and oils for moisturizing during exfoliation. The Green and White Tea leaves lend...