Nose-Ear Problems in Dogs

Canine ENT Issues According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Metal Element Imbalance Pattern

The Metal Element of traditional Chinese medicine includes both the Lungs and the sinuses. The Metal Lung Support formula contains herbs that tonify the lungs and also work to address chronic sinus drainage in dogs. This remedy is not meant to be a quick fix although you may notice immediate improvements. Instead, you would dose your dog for several months to initiate long-term results. You may find that the remedy is necessary at the change of seasons for a month or so long-term in a pet with a disposition of chronic sinus drainage.

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Water Element Yang Deficient Pattern

Used for cold nose and ears in dogs, a dog with true Yang Deficiency would also have cold limbs, a cold back, loss of hearing, and/or possibly hind-leg weakness. This article can better help one understand the dynamics of Yin and Yang in the body. After perusing the article, it is clear that Yin and Yang are interdependent; the trick is to find the correct balance and the Water Yin and Water Yang formulas are often combined at 1/2 dose each when both conditions present.

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Water Element Kidney Yin Deficient Pattern

Used for dry nose and crusty ears in dogs. With Yin Deficiency there would be other symptoms such as unusual thirst, night sweats and pacing, or dry skin and fur. See Yin-Yang information above and learn more about Kidney Yin Deficiency and related symptoms linked here!

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Earth Element Spleen Qi Deficiency with Dampness Pattern

Chronic drainage of nose and ears in dogs can indicate chronic Spleen Qi Deficiency leading to Internal Dampness-article linked here detailing the symptoms of this pattern. Dogs with Spleen Qi issues would likely have other digestive issues and/or nausea and vomiting on a regular basis. Chronic fungal infections of the ears would also be based in Internal Dampness and is not just an issue that can be easily resolved with topical anti-fungal medications

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ENT typically covers throat problems but we could not think of any common throat problems in dogs that could be treated with Chinese herbs. For a list of common dog ailments well-treated using Chinese herb formula, click here!