Skin-Fur-Paw Conditions

Canine Skin Conditions According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine regards skin conditions as a reflection of deeper imbalances in the body. Because Chinese medicine is able to break down single skin conditions into specific patters, it is especially effective at treating dermatitis, rashes, dryness, itching, and other maladies of the skin. When determining the pattern of imbalance involved with your dogs" skin problem, you will want to observe several of the symptoms listed in a category. It is not unusual for one dog to have many imbalances and she may require more than one herbal remedy to quell the issue.

Water Element-Kidney Yin Deficiency Patternherbs-for-dogs-with-kidney yin deficiency

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Wood Element Liver Stagnation Patternliver-herbs-for-dogs.png

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Chronic Spleen Deficiency Leading to Internal Dampness


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Toxic Heat Patterndog-herbs-skin-problems.png

  • Very red eruptions that are often itchy
  • Extreme pacing and agitation
  • Red tongue with thick yellow coat
  • Red eyes
  • With Damp conditions- yellow oozing sores with bad odor
  • Possibly hot spots

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The typical treatment of many of these skin conditions are steroid medications which have a multitude of concerning side-effects. Additionally, according to traditional Chinese medicine, steroids simply push the root causes deeper in to the body and mask the condition; it is not a true cure. 

On the other hand, Chinese herbs have little or no negative side effects and actually address the core imbalances leading to skin diseases. Some of the more complex patterns of imbalance are Internal Dampness caused by chronic Spleen Qi Deficiency and Internal Wind caused by chronic Liver Qi Stagnation (in most cases). Chinese medicine is not a quick study; as you peruse the linked articles giving a deeper explanation of these causes of skin issues according to Chinese medicine, you will begin to see the patterns emerge that fit your pets' condition. In some ways, you will need to be a sleuth to advocate for your dog and her well-being.