Thyriod Problems in Dogs

Thyroid Problems in Dogs According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

The reason that Chinese medicine is so effective at treating a vast array of physical and emotional imbalances is because of the vast theories governing the practice. One of the most common theories of traditional Chinese medicine is the Yin-Yang theory. Almost any disease can develop through stages where either Yin or Yang Deficiency-Excess are presenting. 

Yang Excess-Hyperthyroidism Patterns of Imbalance in Dogs

Wood Element Liver Imbalance Patternliver-herbs-for-dogs.png

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Water Element Yin Deficient Patternherbs-for-dogs-yin tonic

  • Swelling of thyroid
  • Restlessness and/or aggressive behavior
  • Insomnia
  • Aversion to bright lights or heat
  • Panting
  • Tremor of tongue
  • Red tongue

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Yin Excess-Hypothyroidism Patterns Seen in Dogs

Earth Element Spleen Qi Deficient Patternspleen-qi-dog-herbs.png

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Water Element Yang Deficient Pattern

kidney yang tonic for dogs

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By determining this imbalance and understanding the organ system(s) contributing to the condition, herbs and acupressure points can be precisely chosen and formed in to a prescription for patients. The most common diseases of the thyroid manifest as hyperthyroidism (Yang) and Hypothyroidism (Yin). By noticing your dogs symptoms you can put together an assessment determining the pattern that best fits your individual pet. 

It is not unusual to see multiple patterns in one dog as ultimately all of the energetic organ systems are connected and impact each other as a disease progresses. Your pet would not necessarily have all of the symptoms in one category, but several symptoms in one category would be necessary to determine a pattern. However, In traditional Chinese medicine the thyroid is part of the Kidney energetic organ system and must be nourished to overcome any issues of the thyroid generally. More on how to treat thyroid imbalances using Chinese medicine linked here!