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30% Off orders when buying 10+ Ageless Herb's Bottles

40% Off orders of 20+ Ageless Herb's Bottles

Bulk Discounting

Mix and match formulas to keep your store stocked effiecintly. TCM products do not qualify you for the discount but can be added to the same order to enjoy the benefits.

During seasonal sales your discount will apply but the wholesale percentage will be adjusted appropriatly.

Timely Delivery

Formulas are made to order and your customers or patients will experience the freshest herbs possible. Large shipments are sent in under 2 weeks and rush orders can be requested.

Combine discounts

Combine wholesale pricing with seasonal discounts to save even more!* Wholesale rate reduceded slighty to compensate. TCM products including in the same purchase will recieve discounts also!

Customer Support

Our support team can help with any issues. Have a particulary large order or need a small order rushed? Send us an email and we can work it out!

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Ageless Herbs Wholesale

Perfect for stocking your small to medium sized shop or clinic.