Our Ageless Herbs supplements are high-quality products made in small batches with certified organic ingredients that are often difficult to source. It is impossible to maintain this standard of craft product, purity, and authenticity with mass-produced products. We are so sorry that we are not able to wholesale supplements.

We do, however, wholesale some brands of our sister-products that we make!

Acupressure Sticks-Making Acupressure Easy! 

This is a super popular brand for us that fly off the shelf! Between the rising popularity of all-things-natural and the acceptance of Chinese medicine in our culture, they are great for gift boutiques, acupuncture and massage therapy offices, as well as health food stores. 


Enjoy a 100% Markup & Domestic Free Shipping!

Please read Wholesale Policies located on this page before ordering, as they are different than our general policies. You can choose the wholesale display above, or can order individual Products with the following quantity discounts. You must chose a minimum number of products from each specific category in order to receive the discount which will appear in your cart.

Acupressure-stick Display Ordered Here

Cost: $239

Includes: Free Display and 12 each of the the Five Element Acupressure-Sticks. Water Acupressure Stick, Wood Acupressure Stick, Fire Acupressure Stick, Earth Acupressure Stick, Metal Acupressure Stick

grief-acupressure-kit.pngAcupressure Kits:

The healing acupressure kits stand upright on display shelves and have proven to be favored gifts.

Order 12 or more kits (mix and match) and you will be discounted 50%! Order Acupressure Kits Here!


Individual Acu-sticks:

Order 60 or more Acu-sticks (mix and match) and receive a 50% discount! Order Acupressure sticks here!

Bonus: If you order 12 of the same Acu-sticks you will receive a counter display; ie. if you order 12 Water Element Acu-sticks they will come in a cardboard display box. This is an easy way to restock your displays or add other popular types of Acu-sticks to your offering such as our Meditation Acupressure-stick.

Returns & Refunds for Wholesale Orders

  • We accept returns 30 days from the day products were shipped on wholesale orders of unopened products with a 20% restocking fee. No refund on open products on wholesale orders.
  • You must email us from the contact page if you plan on returning product for a refund to receive a return number
  • No returns will be refunded without a return confirmation number
  • Buyer pays shipping in both directions


  • Acupressure point of purchase display for retail store.
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    Wholesale Acupressure Display

    Sale Price $239.00
    Includes 12 of each of our five element Acupressure-Sticks™ with pure essential oils that activate acupressure points and help to support wellness Includes point of purchase stand at no cost Free Shipping! Includes Fire Element...
    Sale Price $239.00
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