How Can I Get Help with My Self-care Strategy?

Free Online Herbal Evaluation

No sign-up, no emails, no hassles! Just fill out the form and get your results automatically and immediately: Free Online Herb Evaluation Linked Here! 

The free online evaluation tool evaluates the three main constitutional Yin Organ imbalances that are associated with most disease and pain syndrome processes including Kidney energetic organ system, Spleen energetic organ system, and Liver energetic organ system. The other two main Yin Organ imbalances are Lung energetic organ imbalances and Heart energetic organ imbalances which should be self-evident when reviewing those individual organ system pages. (This is simply a guiding tool, and as an automated service cannot be expected to be definitive or comprehensive.)

Self-Care Wellness Website

We provide education and helpful protocols for using Chinese medicine for wellness and pain relief. Utilizing Chinese medicine for self-care will require time invested in learning the theories of Chinese medicine. Here are some of the informational resources we provide on this website:

Personalized Evaluations and Health Advice

We do not provide health advice, consultations, or product suggestions for your specific condition(s).