Aromatherapy Acupressure Points


Acupressure Point Locations and Uses for Aroma Acu-Therapy

Like herbs, each acupressure, or acupuncture, point has many uses and indications. Linked here are individual acu-points so that you can become intimately familiar with their uses as detailed on each dedicated page.

Also, much like herbs, many individual acupuncture points can have the same affect on the body. The old saying goes that if gave 100 herbalists a single malady to correct they would come up with 100 different herbal combinations. The same is true for acupuncturists; if you put 1 patient in the room with 100 acupuncturists they would come up with 100 different point combination prescriptions.


To further complicate matters, the ancient Chinese medical saying is that you can have 1 ailment with 100 treatments; and you could have 100 ailments all with 1 treatment. This highlights the fact that Traditional Chinese Medicine treats each individual considering their particular constitutional imbalances. And, Chinese medicine treats each individual ailment differently depending on what the root imbalances are.

We have provided acupressure point prescriptions for over 100 ailments, but these combinations should always be looked at as suggestions rather than hard rules. You may find that your root imbalances leading to a health condition lean towards one or two energetic organ system imbalances that you'll want to concentrate on. In this case, you can find points related to that system linked on this page and see if you can refine your self-acupressure treatment further. Benefits, location, and uses are detailed on each of our acupressure point profile pages.

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