Returns-Refund Policy

No Exchanges or Returns

Any returned products must be destroyed. If we were dealing with clothing or widgets, returns would not be an issue; however, herb formulas to be consumed are a different story. We would not be comfortable shipping a product to you that has been out of our control; therefore, we are unable to issue refunds or exchanges of opened or unopened bottles of herbs.

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We do not offer a "money-back" guarantee either. We provide high quality herb formulas as described. We cannot guarantee that herbs will work the way you are hoping any more than your pharmacist can guarantee that a pharmaceutical will work for you, or accept returned medications. Obviously, if we make an error in your order we will exchange the incorrect formula for the one that you ordered and pay for the returned item shipment.


Refunds will be issues immediately per your if we are unable to ship your item as described in a timely manner or if the order has been backordered and you do not want to wait on re-stocking.


If we ship a product that you did not order, we will send a return box and issue a refund when the item is returned to us if you do not want to replace the item with the correct item that you ordered.