Wholesale Discounts

Wholesale & Practitioner Accounts- Up to 50% Off!

There is no need for practitioners or shops to sign-up for a special account; discounts are given at the cart level when purchasing in bulk quantities of the same item as noted on each product page. There are also category discounts as described below; by combining bulk discounts and category discounts you can get up to 50% off of your order.

Free Domestic Shipping on Orders Over $250!

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Bulk Product Discount RatesAromatherapy stick retail display

On Topicals and Holistic Dog product pages there are Bulk Discount Rates available that are listed on the sales page. This discounts are applied to single, individual items and are not mix-and-match. They are as such:

  • Buy 2-3 get 10% Off
  • Buy 4-5 get 20% Off
  • Buy 6+ get 30% Off

Display Boxes for Clinic or Store

When you purchase 12 Aroma Acu-sticks® of a single variety they will come in a kraft display box!

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Category Mix and Match Discounts

You can combine the Bulk Discount Rates shown on the product pages or as a stand alone discount for products purchased within the same category with Mix and Match Discounts in each of the following  categories:

The mix and match discounts are given for any combination of products in a single category as such:

  • Buy 10 Get 10% Off!
  • Buy 20 Get 20% Off!

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With the combined discounts you can get up to 50% off products allowing for a 100% markup!


Buy 6 Fire Aroma Acu-sticks+ 6 Earth Aroma Acu-sticks+ 6 Wood Aroma Acu-sticks+ 6 Water Element Aroma Acu-sticks each with 30% Off at the Bulk Discount Rate (for purchasing 6 each). Because you purchase 20+ Aroma Acu-sticks in the single category gives an additional 20% off in addition to the 30% bulk discount for ordering 6 of one product! This will equal 50% Off!

Return Policy on Bulk Purchases

Unopened-undamaged topicals can be returned within 30 days of purchase-buyer pays the shipping. There is a 20% restocking fee on any bulk products returned. If a partial return is initiated, the refund will reflect regular prices incurred for unreturned products.

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