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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Ageless Herbs?

All formulas contain 100% certified organic herbs and are manufactured here in the US under strict GMP Good Manufacturing Practices. All herbs used in our formulas are sulphite free, non-irradiated, and non-gassed.

What are tea-pills?

Tea-pills are very small compressed tablets that are swallowed whole. With most chronic conditions 8 teapills teapill-photo.gifare taken 3 x per day or 12 are taken 2 x per day (check the supplement facts for each product for specifics). Our tea-pills contain only herbs and certified organic brown rice flour. Traditionally, Chinese tea pills are sugar coated; we do not sugar coat our tea-pills. Tea-pills are often preferred over tablets because they are easier to swallow. They are about half the size as shown in the photo. The teapills are handmade in small batches, which is very labor intensive and costly, thus the higher price over capsules.

How do I take powdered herb formulas?

Herb powders are mixed with tepid water, juice or honey.  It should first be made into a paste before being diluted further, otherwise they will just float at the top of your drink. The best way to use powders is to make a tea by using a French press,(an inexpensive coffee press), and by pouring boiling water over the herbs and stirring them a few times, then straining them in the press after they have infused in the hot water 10-15 minutes.

Herb powders are not for everyone! You will actually taste the herbs if you take them this way. We have heard powdered herbs described as “pond scum”, and “like eating dirt”; this is a course ground powder with some small peices of herbs and it is not going to dissolve in liquids. Others prefer powders as they can conveniently add all of their formulas to a drink or yogurt and they do not mind the taste.

A great benefit of powder formulas is that they cost about 20% less than teapills. Herb powders only contain herbs and do not contain brown rice flour. We provide a 1 gram spoon with your powder, but the only true way to measure the powdered herbs is by weight with a scale.

Do you still offer a free online evaluation?

Yes we do, but ultimately this is a self-treatment modality and the evaluation results are not prescriptions.

Do you take phone orders?

We only take orders online. We had implemented a toll free number several years ago, and it only led to customers becoming frustrated; we had clearly specified that the phone service staff were only trained for taking orders, but most who were calling wanted assistance in choosing correct formulas or in assessing their health care conditions. The operators were not herbalists and could not assist in these matters. We decided that as we are an online company, we would only take orders online and avoid the confusion. You can contact us using our contact form; we are very good at responding quickly.

How long do I take tonic formulas?

It depends largely on the chronic nature of your health imbalance. The Chinese have a saying that roughly goes, "One month natural treatment for every year afflicted”. While you will likely observe improvements in your condition in the first few months of herbal therapy, it could many months or even years to actually reverse a chronic health condition. It is important to have realistic expectations with health conditions that have been developing over a number of years, and most diseases have been developing for many years before they are actually diagnosed. We typically limit any specific formula to 10 months, and then alter strategies as symptoms begin to abate.

When should I take my herbs?

The most important thing is that you DO take your herbs. Ideally, they would be taken one hour before or after a meal (there are some exceptions with formulas for acute conditions as directed.), but it is much more convenient for most people to take their herbs with a meal so that they can remember to take them. Some people with very hectic schedules find it most convenient to take their powder mixed with juice one time per day, but it would be better to spread out applications 2-3 times throughout the day. We have run in to a few highly sensitive people who cannot take Qi tonics at night as it interferes with their sleep.

How long does a bottle of herbs last?

Powders-Last about a month  (there are a few exceptions-check the product details). We provide a 1 gram spoon with your powder, but the only true way to measure the powdered herbs is by weight with a scale.

Teapills-A bottle of tea-pills will typically last about 5 weeks, but varies as different herbs have different densities; an example would be that roots are much denser than leaves. Some formulas contain more root than leaf material and therefor the tea-pills are heavier. After sampling each formula multiple times, 1000 tea-pills weighs at most 120 grams. We weigh each bottle of teapills to 124 grams; theoretically, each bottle contains at least 1000 teapills, and often more.  (there are a few exceptions-check the product details).

How long do my herb formulas last; when do they expire?

Dried herbs don’t really 'go bad' unless they are exposed to moisture; however, they will become less potent over time at different rates of time depending on their storage conditions. If you think about the spices in your kitchen, you have probably noticed that they lose their vitality faster if they are exposed to heat, sunlight, or moisture; even when stored well, Leaf-type herbs are only going to be vital for a year or so. Roots and spices tend to last for several years. The tea-pills have leaf and root herbs, so some aspects of the tea-pills are going to be devalued within the first year; it is best if our formulas are consumed within 6 months of purchase. If not stored properly, the herbs can be exposed to moisture; if they begin to smell moldy than you would not want to dispose of them. It is also important that those utilizing powders not extract the herbs with a wet or soiled spoon when preparing their herbs. 

How many formulas can I take at one time?

It is typically recommended that you limit your Tonic herb formulas to 4 formulas at a time, focusing in on your most chronic health conditions first. After those conditions improve, you can move on to other formulas to target specific lingering issues. Most people find that when they address the 'root' imbalances with the tonic herbal formulas, many seemingly unrelated symptoms begin to clear up too.

What is the dosage when I combine formulas?

The dosage would remain the same as recommended on the label unless you are combining 2 very similar formula. Examples would be when combining 2 Kidney tonics such as Ancestor Treasure formula and Yin Valley formula to balance Yin and Yang, you might use half of each. Similarly, many people combine Restore the Middle Way formula and Temple of Health formula when addressing diabetes using half of each.

Are there formulas that cannot be combined, or will negatively interact with each other?

Any Ageless Herbs formula can be combined with another Ageless Herbs formula or vitamins.

Where can I purchase Ageless Herbs formulas?

Only on our website or through your licensed acupuncturist. We do not wholesale our herbs to stores or online companies; therefore, the freshness and purity of any formula bought from an unauthorized source cannot be guaranteed by us. We cannot control people trying to resell product on Ebay or Amazon, and will not be held responsible for the quality or safety of herb formulas bought through 3rd parties online.

Are your formulas Chinese patent remedies?

No, Chinese herbal patent remedies require many specific herbs that we cannot grow here in North Carolina, or do not have reliable certified organic sources for. These are our own botanical formulas that were formulated by Catherine Browne, LAc, RH, DiplAc.

Can I take vitamins with Ageless Herbs formulas?

Yes, you can use the vitamins with the herbs. Think of vitamins as catalysts that allow your body to absorb and utilize nutrients more efficiently. Think of the herbs as nutrients. 

Can I take Ageless Herbs formulas if I am pregnant or breast feeding?

Not unless your personal licensed health care practitioners advocate such supplemental care. 

Do your formulas contain gluten?

We do not knowingly add any ingredients that contain gluten, and do not have any wheat ingredients go through our manufacturing facility.

Are powders better than tea pills? Or would tinctures or tea be better?