All Natural Herbal Remedies

Our remedies are made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients. Pure, safe, and made in the USA. All ingredients lab tested for organic certification and purity. Formulated for the modern world by Dr. Catherine Browne's, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., RH (AHG)

Ageless Herbs is a premier micro-manufacturer of organic herbal products since 2007.

Made With Respect

Herbalists have been making remedies for thousands of years. Don't settle for factory produced supplements with no human oversight. We make our products from scratch and with care from raw certified organic herbs.

Advanced Herbal Formulas

With over 35 years of experience our master herbalist Dr. Catherine Browne, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac., RH (AHG) has formulated exlusive Traditional Chinese Medicince for the modern world.


We take pride in what we do. Our all-natural ingredients are lab tested in America for Organic certification and purity. We manufacture all products ourselves in the USA.

Always Fresh

We make small batches of formulas and regularly replenish our herbal stocks so that you get the freshest ingredients.

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Herbal Teapill Formulas

Our herbal formulas are pure, simple, and safe. No sugar coating needed. Just pure herbs and a small amount of certified organic brown rice flour to bind them together. We decoct our formulas twice during the process at low temperatures to preserve nutritional values.


Teapills are the traditional method of delivering herbal remedies in TCM. They are convenient to travel with and can be taken with a glass of water or decocted into a tea.

Safe and Pure

Our herbal formulas are all-natural and contain organic and wildcrafted herbs. All ingredients are tested for heavy metals and contaminents and include certificates of analysis. Made in USA.

Tonic Herbal Formula

Ageless Herb's herbal formulas are tonic and support healthly living. Results may vary and may not be noticeable immediately, The standard 4 oz bottle typically lasts 4-5 weeks.

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All Natural Health
and Beauty Products

70% Organics


20% All Natural or wildcrafted


10% Essential Oils


Try out TCM Topicals a safe and pure alternative to harsh chemical based health and beauty products. TCM Topical Remedies were developed by herbalist Catherine Browne, L.Ac., Doctorate Fellow (DAOM) as viable treatment options for her patients in clinic and are based on decades of positive clinical results. These natural healing remedies are made with pure natural ingredients in small batches insuring excellent quality.


Tradition Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine seems mysterious and strange to many westerners, but understanding the basic principles of Chinese medicine will clarify this ancient and lasting system of medicine so that it can be incorporated in to your efforts for true wellness.  

Food Therapy

There is so much conflicting information about food and diet that it becomes nearly impossible to know what the ‘best food’ to eat really is, or if certain foods are ‘good’ for you or ‘bad’ for you.



Acupuncture, herbs, meditation, yoga, tai-chi, and so much more. Supporting your health is about mind and body. Find out more about lifestyle practices below.

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