What Are Your Policies?

What Are Your Policies?

Terms and Conditions of Ageless Herbs

International Customers-Must Read-Click Here 

Provide a Secure Delivery Location

We ship to the location that you provide. This should be a secure location where packages cannot be stolen. The US postal service only insures packages that have been destroyed in their care. Do not expect for the US postal system to insure stolen packages. We use priority mail to track packages to the location that you input. They can be stolen and are not thereafter insured. Ageless Herbs is not obligated to file claims for stolen packages.

No Exchanges or Returns On Ageless Herbs or Holistic Dog Supplements

Any returned products are destroyed. If we were dealing with clothing or widgets, returns would not be an issue; however, herb formulas to be consumed are a different story. We would not be comfortable shipping a product to you that has been out of our control; therefore, we are unable to issue refunds or exchanges of opened or unopened bottles of herbs.

We do not offer a "money-back" guarantee either. We provide high quality herb formulas as described. We cannot guarantee that herbs will work the way you are hoping any more than your pharmacist can guarantee that a pharmaceutical will work for you, or accept returned medications. Obviously, if we make an error in your order we will exchange the incorrect formula for the one that you ordered and pay for the returned item shipment.

Our formulas contain only herbs that have been consumed safely for hundreds, if not thousands of years; however, we cannot guarantee that they will agree with you or that you have not developed an allergy to any of these herbs. If you have food allergies, food intolerance, or gluten intolerance, we suggest that you go through www.naet.com before beginning an herbal regimen.

Topical Remedies

We accept returns of un-opened undamaged topical products for 15 days from the date of purchase. Buyer must pay shipping in both directions. Any products purchased in bulk will incur a 20% restocking fee if returned. Any  purchase of products "on sale" is final.

Quality and Purity-Our Pledge!

Our supplements are completely vegan/vegetarian and contain no animal products. We use all certified organic herbs. Ageless herbs never contain fillers, additives, dyes, or shortcuts. We start with the very best herbs to bring you a finished product of unsurpassed quality. Our pure herbs are combined with certified organic whole rice flour as a binder and pressed into small traditional tea pills before being roasted with low heat methods. Whole rice flour is used to form these compressed tablets because very few people have allergic reactions to rice flour compared to other possible binders.

Our traditional pure teapills don't have the look of mass-produced botanical medicines; they are traditionally hand crafted solid tea pills made in small batches. We start with whole certified organic herbs inspected by a qualified herbalist to insure proper identification. We have chosen not to polish the tea pills; after much debate, the aesthetic attributes of polished pills did not out-way the fact that polishing would require sugar, talc, or other undesirable ingredients. Because we work with authentic preparation methods, tea pills occasionally contain stems and fibers, and can have irregular shapes.

Safety in Chinese Herbs

There are well founded concerns about Chinese herbs and contaminants; this is one of the reasons that Ageless Herbs formulas were created. Our certified organic herbs that are not grown on our herb farm are tested for heavy metals, pesticide residue and microbial contamination in the U.S. 

Ageless Herbs formulas are only sold on our website or through your licensed health care professional. We do not wholesale our herbs to stores or online companies; therefore, the freshness and purity of any formula bought from an unauthorized source cannot be guaranteed by us.


Quite a few customers have the impression that we can make specification on their orders such as "leave the package with the neighbor if I am not home", or "leave the package at the side door"; we actually cannot. After speaking with a USPS representative, they made it clear that the person who is receiving a package must make arrangements locally with their postal person or post office locally. Luckily, shipments typically make it to their destination without incident.

We only use Priority or Express so that the packages can be tracked and so that confirmation is made when the packages are delivered. Using Express shipping only speeds up the shipping time; it may still take up to 3 business days for us to get your order out.

If a package is confirmed delivered, the receiver must inquire with their postal person or local post office if they did not in fact receive the package; we have no power to track down packages from this end. Please read more on shipping here....

No Powders Shipped Internationally

We do not ship powders internationally. The reason for this is that the powders are turned down by customs about half of the time. When this happens, the package is returned to us. We have to destroy the product when it is returned to us or re-ship the item. International Priority mail costs over $35 to ship with tracking and delivery confirmation, and this is the only way we are willing to ship. Understandably, customers are upset that they have not received their shipment that they have paid for. We are understandably unhappy about paying for a re-shipments as we are now losing money. Because this has occurred so many times, we know that international shipping of powders is pointless for us. If you order powders for international shipment, and the order slips through our system, we cannot re-ship it when returned.


The herb formulas listed are generally safely used as directed. These formulas are not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers unless specifically indicated by your health care professional. Healthy people do not typically have an allergic reaction to these all-natural products, however, anyone can develop an allergy to herbs. If you are highly allergic and reactive to plants, pollen, mushroom spores, or foods, it is recommended that you undergo NAET.com treatments before proceeding with any herbal therapy.

We do not advocate our formulas for pregnant or nursing women.


It is challenging to produce 100% organic Chinese formulas. Because of this, the contents of a particular formula may need to be changed from time to time, but the basic intent of the formulas will remain the same.


We do not sell or share any mailing lists or personal emails collected on this site with anyone else. We do mail a monthly educational newsletter to our mailing list that includes an easy opt-out option if you would like to be removed from our mailing list.