What Are Your Policies?

What Are Your Policies?


Take a Photo of Damaged or Wrong Product Shipped Immediately

Email your photo to info @ agelessherbs.com and we will send a prepaid shipping label to you for an easy return and replacement.


We do not offer a "money-back" guarantee. We provide high quality herb formulas as described. We cannot guarantee that herbs will work the way you are hoping any more than your pharmacist can guarantee that a pharmaceutical will work for you, or accept returned medications. 

Our formulas contain only herbs that have been used safely for hundreds, if not thousands of years; however, we cannot guarantee that they will agree with you or that you do not have an allergy, intolerance, or sensitivity to any of our remedies. 

Small Batch Production

Our authentic topicals are made with real botanicals and pure essential oils and can be messy. Our traditional remedies don't have the look of mass-produced botanical medicines; they are traditionally hand-crafted in small batches.

Safety in Chinese Herbs

The herb remedies listed are generally considered safe when used as directed. These formulas are not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers unless specifically indicated by your health care professional. Healthy people do not typically have an allergic reaction to these all-natural products, however, anyone can develop an allergy to herbs. If you are highly allergic and reactive to plants, pollen, mushroom spores, or essential oils you should not purchase our remedies.

We do not advocate our formulas for pregnant or nursing women.


We do not sell or share any mailing lists or personal emails collected on this site with anyone else. We do mail a monthly educational newsletter to our mailing list that includes an easy opt-out option if you would like to be removed from our mailing list.