doctor of oriental medicine and acupuntureAsked why she developed her particular products, our founder Dr. Browne explains, “As the years rolled past, I noticed that my patient population had more and more curious and difficult conditions. If it was an easy problem to fix, people tended to simply buy an OTC (over the counter) medication; however, chronic conditions are not so easy to eliminate. Someone may get a headache and take an aspirin and get relief. But when a headache, or any condition, progresses without the root cause being addressed OTC medications become ineffective.”

“It is not unusual for senior practitioners to address increasingly complex conditions as their referral base expands and they become seasoned healers. I had very few patients who had not already tried many other treatment modalities and practitioners before they landed on my doorstep. These types of difficult to treat health conditions are often related to “Internal Wind”, “Internal Dampness”, “Lurking Pathogens”, and other syndromes not well-understood by many. I was not finding the remedies that my patients needed to completely resolve their suffering, so I had to start making them.”

“It was a necessity for my patients to practice self-care to speed up their recovery times and to lessen the cost of their therapy when dealing with these deeply entrenched maladies. While it was a bit much to expect them to decoct their own healing foot bath, they complied when given a ready-made foot soak; while most were too busy with work and home duties to take 40 minutes a day to apply acupressure, they were able to take a few minutes to apply Aroma Acu-sticks each day; and while many patients with chronic conditions have compromised digestive systems and are unable to tolerate or absorb herb supplements, they were able to apply topical Dit Da Jow sprays and herbal plasters that I provided.”

“Everyone loves that Chinese medicine has low risks of side effects. This is because it gently works with your own body’s healing response over time. Thus, natural therapies must be applied consistently over a period of many months. It is human nature to want a quick, easy fix, but when that option is not available, patients tend to be willing to put in the necessary effort to heal. Patient compliance is critical in delivering effective natural therapies for serious chronic health conditions. I found that patients achieved greater success and improved outcomes when I was able to supply them with prepared, easy-to-use remedies.”

Dr. Catherine Browne is a DAOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture), a nationally board certified and licensed acupuncturist. She has been a practicing professional herbalist for over 40 years.

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