Green Trailblazer


Our founder, Dr. Catherine Browne, owned and operated an organic farm for 16 years starting in 1983; she explains’ “Organic farms were rare way back then, but I had accidentally been poisoned by pesticides and organic was my only choice. It became a lifestyle; my kids were delivered by midwives, had cloth diapers, and no sugar or pre-made baby foods. My now-grown daughter came by recently after I had fed the garden with fish emulsion and was struck with nostalgia; her momma always smelled like fish emulsion when she was a child because that was what I used to feed the herbs all those years.”

Dr. Browne's Organic Farm“I would consider myself an 80 percenter. After decades of attempting to live a natural lifestyle, it becomes obvious that maintaining a strictly pure organic diet is not sustainable. Now in my 60’s, I am retired from organic farming. However, I support other organic farmers and organic efforts for both health reasons and to promote sustainability generally.”

“This 80% rule holds true for the Ageless Herbs® products as well. It is difficult to source quality herbs period these days, much less specific organic herbs. I choose organic herbs when they are available which seems to be about 80% of the time. I long-ago stopped notating organic on my ingredients lists as it is ever changing. However, about 80% or more of our product ingredients are certified organic.”


All of our containers are BPH-free. We use plastic jars made from post-consumer waste when available. We do use a lot of amber glass jars, but they are not feasible for all products.

Packing Materials

Most of our packing materials are kraft paper materials that are recyclable. We end up with a lot of plastic air bags and bubble wrap sent by our suppliers that we reuse when shipping to our customers. We have found it necessary to purchase bubble wrap bags for shipping bottles with liquids, but for the most part, any plastic shipping material that you see has been upcycled.


Our efforts to promote sustainability are not new, are ongoing, and ever changing. Our business supports sustainable health for individuals as well as a sustainable environment for our planet. Sustainability for one’s health or for a business requires constant adaptability and we continue to look for new ways to expand our green efforts.

herb leaves

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