Lung 1

LU 1 Acupressure Point Activated with Essential Oils

Use the Metal Element Aroma Acu-Stick® containing essential oils that activate points on the Lung Channel. Lung 1, or LU 1, acupressure point can be used in a variety of conditions including emotional blocks, essential oils for acupressurebreathing and lung problems, and pain along the Lung channel, or Hand Taiyin meridian. Apply the Metal Element Acu-Stick® to activate acupressure point Lung 1 and to make the Aroma Acu-therapy more effective! 

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Location of Acupressure Point Lung 1

On the chest, in the first intercostal space, 6 Cun lateral to the mid-line, level between the first and second ribs where the shoulder muscles connect with the chest. Follow the shoulder muscle up to where it intersects with the collar bone. Lung 1 will be 2 Cun below the collar bone along this muscle in a dip. The point will be tender when pressed. Apply the Metal Element Acupressure Stick to Acupressure Point Lung 1 to activate the healing potential of the pressure point.


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Health Conditions Treated by Acupressure Point Lung 1


Coughing with thick phlegm:

Coughing blood and pus, or dark colored phlegm:


Wheezing, asthma, bronchitis:

Lung infection, pneumonia:

Chest Pain

A feeling fullness of the chest and/or chest pain:

Breathing Difficulties

essential oils for lung qi deficiency

Labored breathing with raised shoulders:

A feeling of oppression of the chest and difficulty in breathing like an elephant on the chest:


Lung Qi Deficiency with inability to lie down and breathe due to an accumulation of fluid in the lungs:

Griefgrief relief natural remedy gift

Acupressure point Lung 1 breaks up Lung Qi Stagnation w/ an inability to process grief:

To disperses Liver-Lung Qi Stagnation resulting in depression and sadness:

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Other Name(s) for Acu-point Lung 1

  • Hand Taiyin
  • Central Treasure
  • Lung Mu
  • Breast Shu
  • Breast Center Shu
  • Middle Palace

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classifications of Acupuncture Point Lung 1

  • Front Mu of the Lung (where the Qi of the Lungs gathers)
  • Alarm Mu Point of the Lungs
  • Entry point comes directly from Liv-14 to enter Lungs
  • Opening point of the Lung Divergent channel
  • Meeting Point of Lung with Spleen
  • Large Intestine Divergent and Lung Divergent Meeting Point

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions of Acupressure Point Lung 1

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions of Acupuncture Point Lung 1

Cautions: Do not use acupressure as self-care when pregnant without the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. Always discuss new treatment modalities with your local health care professional.

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