Spleen 9

SP9 Acupressure Pointessential oils for acupressure

Apply the Earth Aroma Acu-Stick® to activate points on the Spleen Channel. Acupressure point Spleen 9 on the Foot Taiyin channel is a major point in the body for expelling Internal Dampness and works for both Damp-Heat and Damp Cold conditions anywhere in the body, but especially the Lower Jiao.

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Location of Acupressure Point SP 9

Find the tender point on the leg below the knee in the depression at the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia. Apply the Earth Element Aroma Acu-Stick® to Acupressure Point Spleen 9 to activate the healing potential of the pressure point.



Health Conditions, Indications, and Acupressure Point Combinations Using Acupressure Point Spleen 9

Skin Problems

Skin conditions with Damp-Heat, Redness, and possibly pus or drainage as in eczema, psoriasis, or itchy rashes with drainage:

Digestive Issues

In cases of Damp Cold in the Large Intestine with sharp pain during defecation, chronic loose stools, undigested food in the bowel movement, BM that seems unresolved, and/or sticky bowel movements:

Breast Masses and Accumulationsbreast topical essential oils

To resolve-prevent masses developing in the breasts:


For women experiencing infertility due to coldness in the Lower Jiao and uterus:

Painpain remedy with essential oils

Pain syndromes along the Spleen channel would benefit from applying the Earth Element Acupressure Stick to Spleen 9; choose points above and below the area of the pain to activate with the corresponding Acu-stick and consider our all-natural topical pain remedies

Vaginal Yeast Infections

For women who have clear or white chronic vaginal drainage, especially when related to chronic yeast infections:

Urinary Track Infections

With chronic painful urination due to Damp Heat:

Stomach Pain

With pain and distention of the abdomen that is relieved with warmth:


Other Name(s) of Acupressure Point SP 9

  • Yinlingquan
  • Yin Mound Spring
  • Source of the Internal Plateau

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classifications of Acupressure Point Spleen 9

  • He-Sea Point
  • Water Point
  • Point of Ho, or Autumn

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions of Acupuncture Point SP 9

Cautions: Do not use acupressure as self-care when pregnant without the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. Always discuss new treatment modalities with your local health care professional.



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