Healthy Skin-Hair

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In Chinese medicine, the health of the skin is a reflection of internal bodily wellness or imbalance. In order to address wrinkles and aging skin it is necessary to attain true balance and wellness throughout all of the energetic organ systems which may contribute to lusterless, dry, aging skin.

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Spleen Qi Deficiency and Sagging Skin
In Chinese medicine, the Spleen is in charge of holding bodily elements up; therefore, if someone had, for example, a prolapsed organ, a TCM doctor would suspect Spleen Qi Deficiency. In the same regard, sagging skin is not looked at as the result of gravity, or else everyone’s skin would sag at the same rate; rather, the Spleen energetic organ system is not working at its full potential.

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Yin Deficiency and Dry Skin
As we age, life stressors consume Yin according to TCM; Yin has moistening qualities, and its depletion can be reflected as dryness in the body and of the skin. Additionally, Blood is a Yin quality and is vital in its role in nourishing the skin.

Lung Insufficiency and Wrinkles

In TCM, the nourishment brought in from food called Gui Qi combines with the oxygen breathed in by the Lungs to produce abundant Blood. We all know that smoking cigarettes speed the outward appearance of aging, but Lung Qi Deficiency in general will attribute to signs of aging.

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Blood Deficiency and Lusterless Skinyin-valley.jpg

The beautiful rosy skin seen at birth and throughout our youth is attributed to abundant Blood circulating throughout the body. Blood is a Yin substance and is vital in delivering nutrients to the cells necessary for good health reflected in a vibrant complexion and beautiful hair.

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Stomach Heat Causing Broken Veins and Redness in Face

Improper eating, poor food choices, and over-consumption of alcohol can deplete Stomach Yin which helps to keep the stomach in Yin Yang balance. Chronic Stomach Yin Deficiency will develop in to Stomach Heat reflected in the face because the stomach channel (as in acupuncture meridian upon where acupuncture points lie), runs through the face. Because the Stomach and Spleen energetic organ systems are paired, the Spleen is often compromised when the Stomach Yin is damages. The Spleen is in charge of holding Blood in the vessels so redness in the face or broken blood vessels are a reflections of an imbalance of the Earth Element.

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Toxins and Aging Skin

Toxins can be found in chemicals, pesticides, cleaning products, soaps, shampoos, and even the air we breathe and are difficult to avoid. In most cases the body can eliminate toxins through natural avenues of elimination. However, if the organs responsible for elimination are compromised, or if the body is exposed to more toxins than it can process, these toxins can accumulate and ultimately damage skin.

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Qi Stagnation and Liver Spots
Herbs for Liver Health

While western medicine views age spots, or liver spots, as the accumulation of melanin from sun exposure, TCM might view them as Qi Stagnation causing accumulations caused from Liver Qi Stagnation.

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Menopausal Hormonal Imbalances Causing Melasma

While dark patchy skin pigmentation is referred to as a ‘pregnancy mask’, it can also be seen during menopause with Kidney-Liver imbalances.

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Essential Oils to Nourish Skin

Pure essential oils are able to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin and enhance Blood flow and detoxification of the skin tissue enhancing the natural glow of skin and minimizing signs of dryness such as wrinkles.

Stress Induced Aging

In Chinese medicine, chronic stress consumes Yin accelerating the aging process by making us dry and brittle rather than moist and supple. A deep wrinkled crevice between the eyebrows is a diagnostic signal in TCM of Liver Qi Stagnation.

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Consider a practice of meditation, to ease stress