Lung 9

Acupressure Point LU9 Location and Usesessential oils for acupressure points

Use the Metal Element Aroma Acu-Stick® to activate points on the Lung Channel. Lung 9, also referred to as LU 9 acupressure point is the source point on the Hand Tai Yin, or Lung channel, which means it is a major point for tonifying Lung Qi and Lung Yin. It can be used in a variety of conditions including breathing and lung problems, and pain along the Lung meridian.

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Location of Acupressure Point LU 9

At the wrist joint on the crease in inside the wrist (palm up) in the dip between the radial artery and the tendon. Apply the Metal Element Acupressure Stick to Acupressure Point Lung 9 to activate the healing potential of the pressure point.



Health Conditions Treated with Acupressure Point LU 9


Cough with dark phlegm:

Cough with watery phlegm:

Coughing of blood:

Breathing Issuestopical lung remedy for breathing better

Asthma with inability to inhale or take a deep breath:

Wheezing, especially when tired:

Shortness of breath with adrenal fatigue:

Breathing difficulties following long illness and convalescence:

Lung conditions of a chronic nature such as bronchitis or COPD:

Agitation with breathing struggles:


Oppression of the chest with difficult breathing and inability to lie down as with pneumonia:

Chronic Yawning

Yawning excessively around 3 PM:

Kidney Yin Deficient Cough

Dry throat with dry cough:

Wrist Weakness

Weakness or pain of the wrist:

Shoulder Painshoulder pain essential oils topical remedy

Pain of the shoulder and upper back (scapula):

Arm Pain

Pain in the medial aspect of the arm:

Bi-polar Disorder

Mania stage of manic depression:

combine acupressure point Lung 9 with acupressure point Heart 8 and acupressure point Pericardium 8

Rebellious Stomach Qi with vomiting combine acupressure point Lung 9 with acupressure point Pericardium 6

Chronic Burping

For unrelenting belching:

Eye Problems

Superficial visual obstruction, redness and pain of the eyes:

External Wind Cold Pathogenic Invasion

Cold feeling in the body and limbs with shivering not from an external pathogen such as the cold or flu:

combine acupressure point Lung 9 with acupressure point Stomach 36 and Spleen 3 applying the Metal Element Acupressure Stick to LU 9 and Earth Element Acupressure Stick to SP 3, ST 36

Tooth Pain

Toothache, head wind, swelling of the face:

combine acupressure point Lung 9 with acupressure Large Intestine point 11 and acupressure point Lung 10

Breast Pain

Breast pain from labored breathing and oppression:

with acupressure point Spleen 9 and acupressure point Lung 10 


In cases of altitude sickness or motion sickness:

Nausea and vomiting with food poisoning:


First Aid for concussion or shock:

combine acupressure point Lung 9 with acupuncture point Heart 9 and with acupressure point Pericardium 6 and seek medical attention applying the Metal Element Acupressure Stick to LU 9 and the Fire Element Acupressure Stick to PC 6


Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions of Acupressure Point Lung 9

  • Tonifies the Lung Qi and transforms phlegm
  • Promotes the descending function of the lung
  • Activates the channel and alleviates pain
  • Regulates and harmonizes the one hundred vessels

Other Name(s) of Acupuncture Point Lung 9

  • Taiyuan
  • Great Abyss
  • Supreme Abyss
  • Very Great Abyss
  • Ghost Heart
  • Great Spring

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classifications of Acupoint Lung 9

  • Stream Point
  • Earth Point
  • Source Point
  • Gathering Point of the Blood Vessels
  • Point of Cheng
  • Influential Point of the Pulse

Cautions: Do not use acupressure as self-care when pregnant without the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. Always discuss new treatment modalities with your local health care professional.


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