Lung 9

acupressure for lungsLU 9 acupressure point is the source point on the Hand taiyin, or Lung channel, which means it is a major point for tonifying Lung Qi and Lung Yin. It can be used in a variety of conditions including breathing and lung problems, and pain along the Lung meridian.

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How traditional Chinese medicine addresses Lung health

General Acupressure Directions-Video

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Other Name(s):

  • Great Abyss
  • Supreme Abyss
  • Very Great Abyss
  • Ghost Heart
  • Great Spring

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classifications:

  • Stream Point
  • Earth Point
  • Source Point
  • Gathering Point of the Blood Vessels
  • Point of Cheng
  • Influential Point of the Pulse

Location: At the wrist joint on the crease in inside the wrist (palm up) in the dip between the radial artery and the tendon

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions:

  • Tonifies the Lung Qi and transforms phlegm
  • Promotes the descending function of the lung
  • Activates the channel and alleviates pain
  • Regulates and harmonizes the one hundred vessels

Traditional Chinese Medicine Indications and Acupressure Point Combinations-all tonification (clockwise motion):

Cautions: Do not use acupressure as self-care when pregnant without the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. Always discuss new treatment modalities with your local health care professional.