Acupressure Directions


Basic Acupressure Techniques

Ageless Herbs Meditation Acu-stickAcupressure is a simple, yet effective natural healing technique in Chinese medicine that can be applied to yourself or another. Here are some of the basic methods to insure a successful treatment:

Intention is very important when performing acupressure. Perform acupressure where there are as few distractions as possible. Applying acupressure with intent of the outcome will be much more effective than simply applying pressure to a point as you watch TV or talk on the phone.

  • Pressure should be firm, but should not be painful or uncomfortable. Use a slight clockwise motion with pressure on acu-points for tonification; use a counterclockwise motion for releasing energy. Points on legs and arms are treated on both limbs.
  • The acu-point combinations included will specify which technique is appropriate for each specific condition. Acupressure points are typically stimulated bilaterally unless they are located at the center of the body.
  • Acu-points can be energetically activated in many ways including pressure from the thumb or fingers, by applying corresponding essential oils to the acu-points, and by placing therapeutic gems on the acu-points. These therapies can be used alone or together during a treatment session.
  • When trying to locate acu-points, know that these acu-points will often be more tender than the surrounding area, especially in fleshy areas. Even acupuncturists palpate an area for a tender spot for more accurate point location during acupuncture treatments. Points are typically in a dip rather than a bony protrusion.
  • Like any natural therapy, acupressure works quickly on acute conditions, but will take regular long-term practice for chronic conditions. With chronic conditions, stimulate acupressure points 2 x per day for 3-5 minutes each bilaterally.

In Chinese medicine, the body is measured by cun (pronounced soon) which is a unit that equals the width of the patients thumb. The four fingers of the hand laid flat equal three cun.

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Acu-Point Locations Abbreviations

Locate Specific Acupressure Points Linked Here!

Channels, or meridians, are energetic pathways that the acupuncture points are located on.

HT - Heart Channel
SI - Small Intestine Channel
TB or SJ - Triple Burner Channel
Per or HP - Pericardium Channel
KI - Kidney Channel
BL - Bladder Channel
LV - Liver Channel
GB - Gallbladder Channel
LU - Lung Channel
LI - Large Intestine Channel
SP - Spleen Channel
ST - Stomach Channel
Ren- R en Mai Channel


About Gemstone Therapy for Acupressure Points

Every advanced ancient culture understood and utilized the healing properties of gems, crystals, and minerals. Chinese medicine includes written recordings of therapies utilizing gems and minerals going back two thousand years. Of late, modern Western cultures have lost touch with many subtle healing modalities preferring strong interventions such as surgery and pharmaceutical medications over energetic medicine; however, many energetic healing methods are coming back in to vogue. Even touch-healing by holistic nurses is being used in hospitals today following multiple scientific studies proving its' benefit.

Energy healing therapies rely on the unique energetic imprint that each substance in the world contains. Every material is made of matter that has its own energetic resonation that can affect the human body and mind; gemstones emit a strong energetic signature; this is a powerful healing modality!

It is easy to use gemstones with acupressure; simply place gemstone on related acupressure point and leave for 20 minutes daily. Some of the immediate calming effects may be noticed during the treatment, but long-term healing of pain syndromes and chronic disease may take many months of therapy before the ultimate healing goal is reached.

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