Water Element

Water Element Personality in Chinese Medicine


Water Personality in Balance

You are clever, articulate, and evasive! You are introspective and your thoughts run deep. You have a calm energy that calms everyone around you. Your mind is lucid and you take in knowledge as you observe life, making you wiser than your years would suggest. You are resilient and constant. You have great integrity and are not one to compromise your principles.

The Water persona is all-about being the calm-wisdom in the face of the storm.

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If the Water Element is out of balance, or is blocked from fully expressing itself, you may lack the qualities above, or have lost them over time as the imbalance has grown more severe. Cleverness turns to absentmindedness; evasiveness turns to isolation; introspection turns to phobic fears; calmness turns to detachment; lucidity turns to catatonic despondency; resilience turns to exhaustion; integrity turns to rigid belief patterns.

Acupressure for Fear and Anxiety


Water Element Associated Energetic Organ Systems in Chinese Medicine

The Water Element includes the Kidneys and Bladder, but the energetic organ system which is recognized in Chinese medicine is much more complex than just the tissue of these organs. In Chinese medicine, as in reality, there is no way to separate the mind and the body. By treating the 'Kidney' energy, you correct emotional imbalances associated with the Water Element; by addressing emotional issues associated with Water Element, you enhance the Kidney energy.

The Kidney stores the Essence and consolidates Qi that governs over our lives from birth to death; it is specifically related to our ability to pro-create, physical growth through childhood, and transition in to old age. Someone with a compromised Water Element will not have the vitality and endurance necessary throughout our lives to endure, especially during stressful times of change.

Because the Water Element is central in our ability to reproduce, it makes sense that Kidney Deficiency plays such a central role in infertility and sexual dysfunction in both Men and Women. Kidney Essence is also recognized for the fundamental ability to house our Ancestral Qi which is likened to our genetic blueprint, or DNA. The Kidney energetic system also includes the functional thyroid, adrenal, pituitary, and hypothalamus according to Chinese medicine.

As we age, our Essence can become more and more depleted which is demonstrated by graying hair, decreased libido, loose teeth. Chinese tonic herbal therapy is used to slow the progression of these types of indications of decline. Look to our Sage Mountain formula to maintain a high quality of physical health while you age.


Physical and Emotional Symptoms that Occur with a Water Element Imbalance

The Water Element stores our collective intelligence and DNA. Water is of the winter, when we pull back to our hibernation dens and rest and renew our reserves. In your life, the power of the Water Element represents birth, and death, and allows us to leave our unique mark on humanity.

In Chinese medicine, as in reality, there is no way to separate the mind and the body. By treating the Kidney energy, you correct emotional imbalances associated with the Water Element; by addressing emotional issues associated with Water Element, you enhance the Kidney energy. The most pronounced emotion related to Kidney Deficiency is fear. This type of imbalance would be marked with unfounded fear and anxiety during everyday life rather than fear relating to true danger.

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