Acupressure Kit for Grief

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Includes five acupressure sticks with pure essential oils that activate acupressure points that promote the natural grieving process. In Chinese medical theory, one must pass through all of the stages of grief or risk becoming stuck in one of them and developing emotional and physical imbalances. Downloadable booklet include photos and directions for supporting the passage of stages of grief including shock, denial, anger, guilt, and depression. Also included, treatment directions for grief and sadness due to betrayal, divorce, and heart-ache are included; however, these therapeutic approaches will facilitate emotional healing for any type of grief due to loss of a loved one, job loss, loss of a home, loss of a pet, and so on.

Includes Fire Element Acupressure Stick, Water Element Acupressure Stick, Wood Element Acupressure Stick, Earth Element Acupressure Stick, Metal Element Acupressure Stick.

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