San Jiao 5

Triple Burner 5 Acupressure Pointacupuncture essential oils

Apply the Fire Aroma Acu-Stick® to activate points on the Triple Burner Channel. San Jiao 5 is one of the more commonly used points of the body and is often combined with acupressure point Gallbladder 41 to treat pain on the sides of the body and head. The San Jiao acupuncture channel is also called the Triple Burner meridian.

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Location of Acupressure Point SJ5

2 Cun above the crease of the wrist on the posterior of the lower arm in a depression between the tendon and ulna. Apply the Fire Element Aroma Acu-Stick® to Acupressure Point San Jiao 5 to activate the healing potential of the pressure point.



Traditional Chinese Medicine Indications and Acupressure Point Combinations  of SJ-TB 5

Head Painheadache natural remedy

In the case of headaches at the temples or headaches that wrap around the head:

For chronic pain of the eyes with redness:

For an acute headache associated with an Exterior Pathogenic Heat invasion:

Emotional Imbalances

When feeling alienated, uncertain, or unrealistic reconnect your inner and outer worlds and tap in to your innate wisdom:

Pain and Atrophysciatica essential oils topical remedy

For chronic sciatica that runs down the outside of the leg(s):

Consider our Sciatica topical remedy

With neck pain:

Consider our natural herbal topical remedies for neck pain

shoulder pain natural remedyFor Shoulder pain:

Consider using our natural herbal topical Shoulder Pain Remedy

For atrophy and/or numbness of the lower arm:

Apply our Trauma 2 Dit Dat Jow topical remedy to stimulate the free flow of Blood and Qi

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

For hearing loss or tinnitus due to Kidney Deficiency:


Other Name(s) of Acupuncture Point SJ-TB 5

  • Outer Frontier Gate
  • Outer Pass
  • Barrier of the Yang

San Jiao channel is also referred to as:

  • Triple Energizer
  • Three Heater
  • Three Burner
  • Triple Warmer
  • Triple Burner
  • Hand Shao Yang

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classifications of Acupuncture Point SJ-TB 5

  • Lou or Connecting Point
  • Confluent Point or Opening Point or Master Point of Yang Linking Channel
  • Junction Point
  • Coupled Point of Dai Mo

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions of Acupressure Point SJ-TB 5

Cautions: Do not use acupressure as self-care when pregnant without the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. Always discuss new treatment modalities with your local health care professional.



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