Gallbladder 34

GB34 Acupressure Pointessential oils for acupressure

Use the Wood Aroma Acu-Stick® to activate points on the Gallbladder channel. Acupressure point Gallbladder 34 is an important point for treating Damp-Heat. Liver Heat begins to accumulate if Liver Qi Stagnation is not resolved in a timely manner especially if it combines with Pathogenic Internal Damp-Phlegm; this can result in actual gallbladder problems, or Damp-Heat in other parts of the body.

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Location of Acupressure Point GB 34

1 Cun anterior and inferior to the head of the fibula below the lateral aspect of the knee in a tender depression. Apply the Wood Element Aroma Acu-Stick® to Acupressure Point Gallbladder 34 to activate the healing potential of the pressure point.




Traditional Chinese Medicine Indications and Acupressure Point Combinations of GB 34

Painsciatic-pain-therapy-essential oils

For pain of the knee, GB channel pain and/or tightness, or sciatica:


For pain and stiffness of the joints anywhere in the body:

If arthritis or joint stiffness and pain is aggravated by wet or humid weather:

Damp-Heatdamp bi remedy

For Damp-Heat anywhere in the body:

Cold and Flu

In traditional Chinese medicine the treatment strategy for external pathogens such as viruses is to push the invading pathogen out toward the exterior and away from the organs so that more serious diseases do not begin to develop. If the pathogenic force is not kept at the external level and begins to make its way deeper into the body, it often passes through what is called the Shao Yang phase. The invading factor can get caught in this level causing ongoing distinct alternating patterns of fever and chills. To help pivot the infection back to the exterior:


Other Name(s) of Acupuncture Point GB 34knee pain natural topical remedy with essential oils

  • Yanglingquan
  • Yang Mound Spring
  • Sinew Convergence

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classifications of Acupuncture Point GB 34

  • Lower He-Sea Point of the Gallbladder
  • Man Dan-yang Heavenly Star Point
  • Earth Point,
  • Influential Point of the Sinews

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions of Acupressure Point GB 34

  • Promotes the Smooth flow of Liver Qi
  • Resolves Damp-Heat
  • Strengthens and Relaxes the Sinews-Joints
  • Removes Obstructions from the Channel and Alleviates Pain
  • Expels Wind from the Knee and Legs

Cautions: Do not use acupressure as self-care when pregnant without the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. Always discuss new treatment modalities with your local health care professional.



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