Liver 8

Acupressure Point LV8

Acupressure point Liver 8 is a major point for promoting the smooth flow Liver Qi benefiting the uterus and reproductive organ. It is also an important point for clearing Damp-Heat in the Liver channel resulting in genital itching and swelling.

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Location of Acupressure Point Liver 8

 The point is just before you feel the tendon. Apply the Wood Element Acupressure Stick to Acupressure Point Liver 4 to activate the healing potential of the pressure point. 

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Health Conditions Treated and Acupressure Point Combinations of Liver 8

Knee Pain and/or Swelling

Vaginal-Genital Swelling or Itching

Uterine Fibroids or Masses in Women

Difficult Urination

Pain Radiating Down the Inside of the Leg to the Foot

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Other Name(s) of Acupuncture Point Liver 8

  • Ququan
  • Spring at the Bend
  • Spring at the Crook

Traditional Chinese Medicine Classifications of Acupuncture Point Liver 8

  • Water Point
  • He-Sea Point
  • Tonification Point

Traditional Chinese Medicine Actions of Acupressure Point Liver 8

  • Drains Liver Fire
  • Relaxes the Muscles and Sinews (Joints)
  • Benefits the Genitals
  • Clears Damp Heat in the Lower Jiao
  • Benefits the Bladder
  • Benefits the Uterus and Invigorates Blood
  • Nourishes Liver Blood and Yin

Cautions: Do not use acupressure as self-care when pregnant without the guidance of a licensed acupuncturist. Always discuss new treatment modalities with your local health care professional.

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