Siberian Ginseng-Ci wu jia-Eleutherococcus senticosus

Eleuth erococcus senticosus


• Character: warm, sweet, acrid.

• Parts Used: bark of the root.

• Constituents: eleutherosides (glycosides and other compounds), essential oil, resin, starch Vitamin A.

• Actions: antirheumatic, adaptogen, antisposmadic, immunomodulator.

• Contra-indications: None known.

• Cultivation: difficult and slow (two years) to germinate. Will grow as a perennial in zones 5-7. Three years growth can be harvested and used.


• Decoction: Drink along with nervines to treat stress related conditions. Use for a number of months to gain energy and combat wasting conditions. Ideal for use in those suffering from immunilogical disorders such as chronic fatigue. Dosage: 1 T. 3 x daily.

• Tincture: Used by athletes to increase stamina and decrease recovery time. Wonderful herb to combine with menopausal formulas for the adaptogen qualities. 2 ml. 3 x daily.

• Wine: Another possible application.