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How to Start Learning Acupressure Today for Free! 3 Easy Steps!

  1. A great way to start learning about using acupressure as an effective healing tool is to learn Chinese medical theory here; this helps you choose the correct acupressure points
  2. Next, learn about the different patterns of disease according to traditional Chinese medicine here
  3. Finally learn how to locate specific acupressure points correctly here

Why Do I Need to Understand Chinese Medicine to Practice Acupressure?

When you see online that there is a magical acu-point for headachessciatica, or back pain one might get the impression that using acupressure is as simple as finding one acupressure protocols and voilà! Sometimes this works, but usually it leads to inconsistent results at best. This is because there are many causes of a headache, back pain, or most any health condition; you would choose the acupressure points by recognizing the pattern of imbalance according to Chinese medicine. This way, you are choosing the correct acupressure point that will work every time! While it does take time to master acupressure, it is a tool that will benefit you and those you care for throughout your life once you obtain this knowledge. Get started learning acupressure today!

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Take the 3 steps as shown above and review the information in each category thoroughly. Once you show 85% proficiency you will earn this certificate that will be emailed to you immediately!


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Notice: North Carolina Accredited Acupressure In-person Classes have been Postponed indefinitely due to Covid-19

Our Ageless Herbs founder Dr. Browne offers a real acupressure course with a bona fide degree. This holistic healer degree will allow you to provide acupressure to patients and set up your own clinic and herbal apothecary, or to work in a hospital or integrated medical clinic.

Online Acupressure Directions Here!

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Benefits of this Acupressure & Herb Course:

  • 1-Year Course
  • Affordable!
  • 1-2 Long Weekends Per Month
  • Supervised Clinical Training

To become a real Chinese medical practitioner typically requires four-years of full-time Oriental medical school for an acupuncture degree. This training provides a much needed alternative to the student-loan debt-laden acupuncture school route. At the same time, the earning potential with this degree is similar to an acupuncturists'. Additionally, many people do not like the notion of needles but love the idea of an acupressure massage so attracting patients is easy! Finally, acupressure is a comparably effective treatment to acupuncture as explained here!

The flexible nature of our part-time acupressure-herb school schedule allows for those who are commuting to the program to maintain their life and job as they advance their healing skills and earning potential. The course is held in Western North Carolina, but nearly all students travel from distances to take advantage of this unique program taught by a seasoned expert in the field of natural medicine-Dr. Browne's Bio here!

What You Will Learn Through Our Acupressure-Herbal Medicine Course:

Chinese medicine is no longer considered fringe alternative medicine; it is being incorporated in to hospitals and medical clinics throughout the U.S. Integrated healthcare is a rapidly growing field with providers desperate to find alternatives for opioid and addictive pain killers. This is a smart career choice at just the right time!

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What Diseases and Maladies Can I Treat Using Acupressure?

Like acupuncture, acupressure can be used to address the underlying causes of any pattern of disease or pain syndrome. Some Chinese medicine practitioners call acupressure the original acupuncture as needles are a modern invention relative to a system of medicine that has been practices for thousands of years. Using pressure, essential oils, herbs, moxabustion, gems, magnets, and Qigong therapy on acu-points has been practiced throughout the vast history of Chinese medicine. In reality, acupressure has many advantages over acupuncture and acupressure can prove to be as effective, if not more effective than acupuncture because it is readily available at any time by anybody.

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