Healing Affirmations

Natural Healing Affirmations

Affirmations are a powerful tool in any healing regiment. Record these affirmations in your own voice, and play them back when you are about to go to sleep; or simply repeat them to yourself several times per day. If these affirmations do not serve your needs, you can think of more affirmations that apply to you.

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  • I deserve to be happy!
  • I am beautiful!
  • I deserve love!
  • I can be healthy!
  • I am welcomed into this world with love!
  • I am resilient, calm and cheerful!
  • My inner fire is overcoming all obstacles!
  • I respond with trust and openness to each moment!
  • I am free from past hurt and ready to meet my future!
  • I have the courage and strength to enjoy my life and move forward, whatever may come!
  • I am filled with the magic and splendor of life!
  • I eagerly anticipate each new day with curiosity!
  • I create the opportunities I need to fulfill my life’s work!
  • I remain centered and focused during intense stimulation!
  • I take practical steps now to realize my vision!
  • I am serene and fully aware in all my senses!
  • I let go of perfectionism and thoroughly enjoy myself here and now!
  • I learn to love myself fully and others freely!
  • I rise, like a phoenix from the ashes!
  • I free myself from the past and take actions that reflect my life purpose!
  • I open my mind to my inherently spiritual nature!
  • I create intimate relationships that fulfill my deepest desire! 
  • I act, and feel my power!
  • My true sense of self grows as power and humility unite with me!
  • The sun is shining within me!
  • I open my heart to feel and express the abundant love of the universe!
  • I release tension in mind and body, and flow with the river of time!
  • I have all the protection I need to re-create my life according to my own personal ideals!
  • I think, speak, and act with confidence in my ability!
  • I relate to the material world with integrity!
  • I take responsibility for my emotions and act from my better nature!
  • As I sensitize myself to my own sexual healing, I find balance and personal fulfillment!
  • I bring focus and clarity to every aspect of my life!
  • I live in balance as I create radiant health!
  • Love from a greater source will restore me to wholeness!
  • I draw strength from the spirit to accomplish my tasks!
  • From the stability of peace I gently release past shocks!
  • I am rooted in the divine order!
  • I awaken the self-healing power within me!
  • I face my inner darkness protected by a benevolent higher power!
  • Rooted in nature, I use my strength flexibly and wisely!
  • I grasp life fully willingly facing pleasure and pain!
  • I free myself from all restrictions with renewed energy!
  • I am flexible and adaptable, I am supported by life!

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