Massage Therapist Certification


Aroma Acu-Therapy Certification for Massage Therapists

This is not just a CE course, it's a proven system that allows licensed massage therapists to thrive! We provide:

  • Online training
  • Affiliate program
  • Practitioner bulk discounts
  • Support materials

Learn real-life treatment protocols using multiple modalities taught by Dr. Catherine Browne who shares tips and valuable insights acquired during decades of clinical experience with thousands of patients. You will become proficient at applying Aroma Acu-Therapy for a plethora of conditions and differentiate yourself from competing massage therapists with your new-found skills.


Increase Career Longevity!

Your hands and body can perform deep-tissue massages for only so long. Aroma Acu-Therapy produces effective clinical outcomes without placing stress on your body so that you can perform healing works for many decades. Here are some of the tools we provide so that you can work more effectively longer:

  • Aroma Acu-Therapy
  • Therapeutic Botanical Foot Soaks
  • Our NEW Cupping Solutions
  • Dit Dat Jow Pain Relief Therapy
  • Lymph Drainage Plaster and Breast Health Therapy


Evolve as a Healer!

You improve people's health and well-being every day as a massage therapist. Through this program you will be able to have an even greater impact on your patients lives using Chinese botanical medicine.

Develop Income Streams

During your online training you will be introduced to products that will benefit your patients that you can purchase with deep practitioner discounts or prescribe using your affiliate code allowing you up to 15% commissions on patient orders placed at!

Online Training

Our 12-Hour NCBTMB approved (pending) foundations CEU course gives an overview of Chinese medicine and covers the most popular subjects:

  • Emotional Balancing
  • Pain Management
  • Women's Health

After enrolling for the online Massage Therapist Certification 12 hour course you will receive a discount code giving you $75 off of one $200+ order helping to off-setting the cost of the course. This insures that you will have some of the botanical remedies necessary for your training as you will want to practice the methods as you learn new skills.

Passive Income Streams

The predicament most massage therapists face is that their income is limited by the number of massages they can perform. We have seen massage therapists greatly increase their earnings by adding therapeutic botanical foot soaks to their clinical offerings and by prescribing appropriate topical formulas through our generous affiliate program. We make it easy! You will learn all about these products during the course instruction.


Therapeutic Botanical Foot Baths are inexpensive to implement in any clinical setting and provide added passive income!