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Breast Health & Recovery

Purchase 6 of these products (mix & match) and receive a 10% discount in your cart!

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  • Natural herbs and essential oils for healthy breasts.

    Breast Health Cream $19.95

    72% Organic!  We all want plump, perky, taught breasts! But breast health is much more than just about beauty, it is about keeping blood flow circulating freely to the breasts and working to prevent phlegm nodules from...

  • Natural topical liver detox with organic herbs and pure essential oils.

    Liver Detox Plaster $19.95

    98% Organic! This topical plaster contains natural herbs and essential oils that release Liver Qi Constraints and drain toxic heat. Use this plaster with indications of Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Heat, or Liver Fire. These...

  • Natural lymph drainage cream with pure essential oils.

    Lymph Drainage Plaster $19.95

    74% Organic! We have used this formula in clinic for over a decade with breast cancer patients. We changed from a cream base to a plaster to keep the active ingredients in contact with the skin for a longer period of time...

  • natural herbal remedy with astringent herbs and essential oils for bleeding and abrasions.

    Trauma 3-Cuts, Wounds, Abrasions Therapy $19.95

    This is a “must-have” item for any first aid kit! This all-natural remedy combines astringing herbs that help to stop bleeding, wound healing herbs that assist in skin repair and regeneration, and essential oils...