Bladder Channel

Main Urinary Bladder Channel Location Description

• Begins at the inner canthus of the eye and ascends to the forehead and traverses the head descending through the nape of the neck and to the back
• An inner line descends the back 1.5 Cun lateral to the spine down to the lumbar region and down to the popliteal fossa behind the knee
• It continues down the posterior of the leg to the lateral aspect of the foot and ends at the lateral aspect of the little toe
Related Pain Syndromes: Pain in the back, spine, neck, eyes, head, legs, feet 

essential oils for acupressureCommonly Used Points of the Urinary Bladder Channel with Video and Specific Locations

Apply the Water Element Aroma Acu-Therapy Stick® to activate points along the Urinary Bladder Channel!

bladder-face channel Chinese medicine


bladder-upper-back channel Chinese medicine


bladder-lower-back channel Chinese medicine


bladder-leg channel Chinese medicine


 bladder-leg-and-foot channel Chinese medicine


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