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Wood Element Personality in Chinese Medicine

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Wood Personality In Balance

You are a highly confident and motivated person! You have the power to envision the future and you have incredible insight. You take your insight and vision and make strategic plans. You are courageous and resourceful in implementing change. You love a challenge and welcome deadlines. You are ambitious and competitive.

Wood Element is all about growth, change, and expansion.

Wood is of the spring, when the grass shoots up and the Earth is vital, and full of activity. In your life, the Wood Element will allow you the ability to burst forth with assertive drive.

Wood Personality Out of Balanceessential oils for acupressure points

If the Wood Element is out of balance, or is blocked from fully expressing itself, you may lack the qualities above, or have lost them over time as the imbalance has grown more severe. Confidence turns to tyranny; motivation turns to confrontation; planning turns to reckless impulsiveness; courage turns to aggression; ambition turns to arrogance; competitiveness turns to pretension.



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Acupressure for Anger, Frustration, and Feeling Stuck


Emotional and Physical Symptoms of a Wood Element Imbalance

In Chinese medicine, as in reality, there is no way to separate the mind and the body. By treating the Liver, you correct emotional imbalances associated with the Wood Element; by addressing emotional issues associated with the Wood Element, you treat the Liver

Physical and Emotional Symptoms that occur with a Wood Element Imbalance include:


Wood Element and Spring Season CorrelationsDepression acupressure points-essential oil

Spring is designated to the Wood Element, and the qualities of spring such as sudden change and volatile weather are reflected in the way that the body can reflect the Wood Element attributes. The erratic winds that are indicative of spring also reflect the ‘Wind’ created internally from Liver-Fire rising and causing erratic symptoms such as spasms, osteoarthritis that moves around, and restless leg syndrome.

The spring of our lives can be reflected in our warrior years during our 20’s when we are planning our life strategy and forging ahead with our lives; without great foresight provided by Liver energy, we will likely stumble during these early years and have a rocky start to life. The forceful energy and confident commitment are needed to launch a life is evident in the strength of the Wood Element represented by a tree, but requires flexibility and the ability to change as represented by a trees ability to go with the flow of the wind and its bending branches.

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The Liver Energetic Organ System of Chinese Medicine and the Wood Element

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Because Liver Qi Stagnation is so common in our culture, it is easy to focus on the negative attributes of the Wood Element such as easy anger, frustration, and depression; however, if the Liver is soothed with abundant Qi and Blood that is able to flow freely, the Wood Element can be a powerful positive force throughout a lifetime. Great vision, the ability to plan, decisiveness, and the motivating factor to take action can all be attributed to the Wood Element.

While the Liver is well known for its destructive powers associated with Liver-Heat and Liver-Fire, as the Yin-Yang Theory explains, a fire cannot burn forever; over time, Liver Qi Deficiency and Liver Blood Deficiency will develop if Liver Qi Stagnation is not addressed well. While still marked by irritability, this deficient state will be marked by pensiveness, indecision, loss of good judgment, and a loss of motivation. Over time, the absence of abundant Liver Blood will create osteoarthritic conditions; as our limbs dry out we lose our physical flexibility long after our mental and emotional flexibility began to wane.

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