Kidney Channel

Main Kidney Channel Location Description

• Kidney 1 emerges on the sole of the foot and ascends across the navicular bone and ascends to the medial aspect of the ankle
• It continues to ascend the medial aspect of the leg and traverses the medial edge of the popliteal fossa
• It ascends the along the abdomen and chest and ends at the lower border of the clavicle
Related Pain Syndromes: Pain of the lower back, knees, spine, arch, foot, medial aspect of leg/thigh, hot sensation in the pads of the feet

essential oils for acupressureCommonly Used Points of the Kidney Channel with Video and Specific Locations

Apply the Water Element Aroma Acu-Therapy Stick® to activate points along the Kidney Channel!


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kidney stomach acupuncture channel Chinese medicine


kidney leg acupuncture channel Chinese medicine

 kidney acupressure channel foot

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