Female Libido

Recently, Female Sexual Dysfunction, or FSD, has gained a great deal of attention. As the women at the core of the sexual revolution boom in to their 50’s and 60’s, they are refusing to go quietly and accept a sexless existence for the next 30 years of their productive lives. While our sexual desire is likely to decrease as we age, women are realizing that sex does not have to end after their reproductive years end.

While the use of pharmaceutical medications, declining health, and past emotional trauma must be evaluated to fully address sexual dysfunction, Chinese herbal medicine can be invaluable for restoring sexual desire and sexual vitality throughout the ages. These are common areas where Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can improve libido for women:

Qi Deficiency and Loss of Libido

Women take on so many roles in modern society including mother, wife, and daughter. We are no longer only care givers, but more times than not we are significant bread winners also. It is no wonder that women commonly become Qi Deficient and exhausted. Reinforcing Qi encourages proper sexual vitality and focused abundant sexual energy.

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Liver Qi Stagnation and Loss of Libido 
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Resolving Qi constraints of the Liver Channel allows for the full satisfaction of physical stimulus as the Liver channel traverses the sexual organs; blockage along the Liver acupuncture channel can lead to a lessening of sensation. Liver Qi constraints would likely present with anger, frustration, menstrual disorders, or headaches

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Liver-Kidney Imbalances and Loss of Libido

Balancing hormones and resolving issues relating to menopause helps to establish a healthy sexual response and desire. In Chinese medicine does not specifically designate a hormonal system; rather, the Liver and Kidney energetic systems most prominently play in to hormonal imbalances.

Yin Deficiency and Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal dryness can develop as we age making intercourse painful; this is a symptom of Yin Deficiency. Yin tonic herbs re-enforce sexual fluids depleted through aging or menopause.

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In Chinese medicine, and in Taoist practices, the joining of man and woman is as fundamental as the core divine principles of Yin and Yang; the intertwining duality is at the center of all life. This understanding of the feminine (Yin), and the masculine (Yang), and the sacred dance that has been danced between them for thousands of years is forever infused with mystery, confusion, and excitement.

Thousands of years ago, Taoists believed that a healthy sexual lifestyle was essential for good health. The famous Taoist text The Tao of Sex is one of the earliest writings in the world addressing issues of sexuality ranging from specific sexual positions to usage of herbs for sexual dysfunctions. The cumulative empirical knowledge of sexual health in Chinese medicine offers a system that addresses sexual health with great success.