High Blood Pressure and Chinese Medicine

It is important to understand that tonic herbs take many months to address high blood pressure, and you should never quit taking your high blood pressure medicine without conferring with the prescribing physician. As with any chronic condition, the longer that it has been developing, the more difficult it is to reverse with natural medicine. Here are some of the main patterns of disharmony that lead to hypertension according to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Liver Fire Rising Causing High Blood PressureHerbs for Liver Health

Liver heat can be a result of many things including Liver Qi Stagnation, Liver Yin Deficiency, and Liver Blood Deficiency. Blood and Yin are cooling in nature and when they are depleted, Deficient Heat develops. In Nature as in our bodies, heat rises. Liver imbalances are almost always part of the high blood pressure pattern of disease and the Liver must be soothed in order to quell Liver Fire Blazing Upward. While some cases of Hypertension are A-symptomatic, Liver imbalances are marked by anger, frustration, headaches, bouts of depression, rib pain, head distension, menstrual disorders for women, or dizziness. Consider our organic Free and Easy Wanderer formula!

Liver-Kidney Imbalances Causing High Blood Pressure
Liver Yin Deficiency is often a pattern of hypertension as mentioned above. The Kidney energetic organ system is the source of all Yin in the body and Kidney Yin Deficiency often pre-dates Liver Yin Deficiency. Symptoms of Yin Deficiency include dry throat, thirst, and hot flashes, ringing in the ears, knee soreness, lower back pain, or ED in men. Consider our organic Yin Valley formula!

Liver-Heart Imbalances and High Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure is often associated with the cardiovascular system, and it is very common for Heart Qi Deficiency indications to be part of the pattern of disharmony with Hypertension; these would include palpitations, insomnia, sensation of the heart, disturbing dreams, or circulatory issues associated with Heart Qi Deficiency, Heart Blood Deficiency, Blood Stagnation, or Liver Fire Blazing Up to Harass the Heart. Consider our organic Blood Mansion formula!

Internal Dampness is often associated with Spleen Qi Deficiency and can further complicate Hypertension by slowing the free flow of Qi and Blood in the body. A heavy feeling in the body or head, loss of appetite, nausea, obesity, a sticky bowel movement, or tiredness could be indications of Internal Dampness. 

High Blood Pressure is generally the result of poor lifestyle habits, prolonged stress, and/or genetic disposition. By the time hypertension has been diagnosed, the imbalances that are at the 'root' of the conditions have typically been developing for many years; because of this, high blood pressure is viewed as a chronic condition from the onset and is not easily treated with natural medicine.

In Chinese medicine, high blood pressure can have many patterns of disharmony that may be seen alone or together. In TCM, the body is seen as a single organism and once one organ is out of balance it can begin to affect every other organ system. Because of this, Hypertension becomes more complex as time passes.

While Chinese herbs may not be an easy ‘cure’ for high blood pressure, it is important that the underlying root dis-harmonies in the body are addressed so that the high blood pressure does not worsen and so that other serious illnesses do not develop. As with all chronic conditions, Hypertension responds to herbs and natural medicine better when caught early on, but by the time most cases of Hypertension are diagnosed, it has already been developing for many years.

While simple herbs can be used as diuretics in cases of High Blood Pressure, this approach is just a short term solution to the problem. A more sophisticated way of using herbs to address high blood pressure is to use Superior Tonic Herbs  to bring balance back to the organ systems that are at the 'root' of the disease.