Main Gallbladder Channel Location Description

• The main channel begins at the outer canthus and traverses the temple, ear, and then ascends as it zig zags vising the posterior aspect of the head
• The channel then descends to a depression between the muscle trapezius and the posterior edge of the occipital bone
• Here is traverses the neck and then the highest point of the shoulder
• The channel descends the lateral side of the body, leg, and foot ending on the lateral side of the fourth toe
Related Pain Syndromes: Pain of the head, ear, neck, shoulder, hip, sciatic, IT band, lateral leg, knee, ankle, foot, toe

essential oils for acupressureCommonly Used Points of the Gallbladder Channel with Video and Specific Locations

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gallbladder-acupuncture channel face


gallbladder-acupuncture channel neck


gallbladder-acupuncture channel


gallbladder-acupuncture channel hip


gallbladder-acupuncture channel leg

herb leaves


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