Smoking Cessation

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Acupuncture is successful with smoking cessation and has turned a growing number of cigarette smokers into permanent ex-smokers. Treatments take all of your symptoms into account and aim at balancing the energy within the body to optimize health. The acupuncture treatments focus on jitters, cravings, irritability and restlessness; all symptoms that people commonly complain about when they quit. It also aids in relaxation and detoxificationChinese medicine is also used to help us adapt to stressful situations so that we do not feel the urge to resort to smoking while trying to quit. Adaptogenic herbs actually lessen our reaction to stressors.

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It typically takes several treatments per week for a month or more to successfully quit smoking through auricular ear acupuncture. For this reason it makes sense to search for a local community acupuncture clinic in your area. The treatment cost is substantially less than a private practice acupuncture session, running around $20 per treatment.

The acupuncture needles used are hair-thin. They are superficially inserted into various points in the ears and body to assist with smoking cessation. When a cigarette craving hits, patients gently pressing on the pellets stimulates the acupuncture points to calm the mind and eliminate the craving.

Acupuncture is not a magic cure in the treatment of any addiction, including smoking. But, acupuncture is effective in making it easier to quit and remain smoke-free for good. A stop smoking program will often consist of 3 treatments weekly for the first month, cut down to 2 treatments a week for the next months, and as needed thereafter.

Among current U.S. adult smokers, 70% report that they want to quit smoking and millions try to quit every year. If you have attempted to quit smoking, you know how difficult it can be. Nicotine is a powerful addiction. In fact, research suggests that nicotine is as addictive as heroin, cocaine, or alcohol. It is estimated that most smokers will attempt to quit two or three times, or more, before finally kicking the habit. When conventional methods to quit smoking have failed, smokers often look outside mainstream approaches and turn to alternative medicine. 

Acupuncture as an alternative approach to smoking cessation has a growing number of converts. In fact, acupuncture is often a court-mandated treatment for drug addicts because of its ability to reduce cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. More than 50 million Americans smoke, and all viable treatment options should be considered. The numbers are even higher in other parts of the globe, with worldwide statistics showing that one out of three people over the age of 18 are smokers.

Why Quit Smoking?
The reasons to quit smoking are endless. Cigarettes have 4,000 chemicals, including 43 known carcinogenic compounds and 400 other toxins. These include nicotine, tar and carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, arsenic and DDT. According to the Centers for Disease Control, tobacco is the cause of 443,000 premature deaths each year, and is associated with emphysema, lung cancer, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chronic cough, impaired blood circulation, and an increase in frequency of colds and flu.

Many people want to quit because of the enormous expense of a cigarette habit or are just plain tired of being dependent on a substance. There is also considerable social pressure not to smoke. Most smokers can recall a dirty look or rude comment from someone that was nearby when they lit up, and the social pressure is increasing in the states with bans of smoking in areas, not only indoors, but in public parks and outdoor spaces also.