Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation and Chinese Medicine Self-careessential oils for stress

Acupressure and natural Chinese medical approach to smoking cessation has a grown in popularity because of its ability to reduce cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as irritabilityanxiety, and difficulty concentrating. Typically, one would want to begin by alleviating feelings of stress using these methods along with meditation for a couple of months. Once one has begun to feel emotional balance one can begin weaning off of nicotine or cigarettes with continued support through these natural approaches. For best outcomes using self-care, combine associated Aroma Acu-Sticks® to acu-points, topical remedies, and good lifestyle practices


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Acupressure Points for Smoking Cessation

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Smoking Cessation Strategies Using Natural Self-care Remedies

Calm the Shen-Mind

Points along the Heart and Pericardium channels help to Calm the Shen in Chinese Medicine.

Soothe the Liver

Additionally, according to Chinese medicine one can be more emotionally adaptive and less reactive when the Liver energetic organ system is balances.

Support the Lungs

Rejuvenating tonic herbs help to restore lung health or protect the lungs as one continues to smoke as they wean off of tobacco. Additionally, smoking causes dryness and Heat of the Lungs.

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Meditate Twice Daily

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More than 50 million Americans smoke, and all viable treatment options should be considered. The reasons to quit smoking are endless. It is associated with emphysema, lung cancer, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chronic cough, impaired blood circulation, and an increase in frequency of colds and flu. Many people want to quit because of the enormous expense of a cigarette habit or are just plain tired of being dependent on a substance. There is also considerable social pressure not to smoke. Most smokers can recall a dirty look or rude comment from someone that was nearby when they lit up, and the social pressure is increasing in the states with bans of smoking in areas, not only indoors, but in public parks and outdoor spaces also.

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