Liver Imbalances and Acnefree-and-easy-wanderer.jpg

What causes one person to develop acne, whereas another does not? We know that acne is due to a build up of oil under the skin, but understanding the set of imbalances that culminate in to acne is not well explained by modern medicine. It is well recognized that hormonal imbalances and stress can contribute to the formation of acne, but Chinese medical theory is able to further break down the foundation-level bodily imbalances that cause acne. Liver Qi imbalances are a common thread with cases of acne, but are also rooted in hormonal imbalances.

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Spleen Qi Deficient Acne with Internal Dampness

This common type of acne presents with deep cyst-type nodules that are difficult to expel; it is said in Chinese medical theory that there is an insufficiency of Qi energy to force the foreign material out of the body efficiently. This type of acne is often associated with a diet of fried food and carbohydrate loaded fast food.

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Damp-Heat Causing Acnerestore-the-middle-way.jpg

This type of acne presents with:

  • Red painful pustules
  • Yellow discharge
  • Painful acne

One suffering with this type of acne may also have oily skin, bad breath, and a wet tongue with a yellow coat. Consider Peaceful Warrior formula with Restore the Middle Way formula. The Peaceful Warrior would be replaced with Free and Free and Easy Wanderer formula after 3 months’ time.

Acne Due to Blood Stagnation and Hormonal Imbalances
This is a common pattern for women who have indications of PMS and Blood and Qi Stagnation of the Lower Jiao common with:

This pattern may combine with other patterns, but is marked by acne that is more pronounced before and during the menstrual cycle.

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Acne Due to Fire Toxinspeaceful-warrior.jpg
This pattern simply recognizes a more potent type of Heat causing

A Chinese medical diagnosis will often recognize Toxic Heat at the Blood Level and require cooling herbs internally that dispel Heat Toxins and Internal Wind-Heat when addressing chronic acne. ‘Internal Wind’ is often due to Liver Qi Stagnation creating Liver Fire and Wind, and herbs that sooth the Liver are commonly indicated. 

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