Vaginal Dryness-Pain

Chinese Medical Self-Care for Vaginal Dryness and/or Pain

Vaginal dryness or pain can occur at any age and is caused by a number of conditions. In Chinese medicine, we use specific symptoms applied to Chinese medical theory to determine the most effective protocols for the best outcomes.

Vaginal dryness is often characterized an inconvenience that causes discomfort and a lowered quality of life for women; however, vaginal dryness can lead to much more serious health consequences in reality.

Additionally, vulvar and labial pain can be crippling for women who find few avenues of relief for their condition. Luckily, Chinese medicine notates specific acu-points to address these illusive maladies. For best outcomes using self-care, combine associated Aroma Acu-Sticks® to acu-points, topical remedies, and good lifestyle practices.

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Aroma Acupressure-Therapy Points That Increase Qi & Blood Flow to the Vaginal Area

Learn How to Effectively Apply Aroma Acu-Therapy Linked Here!essential oils for acupressure

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Patterns of Imbalance Causing Vaginal Disorders in Chinese Medicinevaginal health cream with essential oils

In Western medicine there are few causes of vaginal dryness and discomfort beyond hormonal imbalances; in contrast, Chinese medicine has many patterns of imbalance that can cause vaginal issues. This helps to create a targeted self-care strategy that is most effective for you. The Replenish-V cream can be applied nightly to the vaginal cavity and/or external regions of the vagina. It is not just hydrating but contains an herbal infusion that promotes blood circulation and a balanced flora.

Vaginal Dryness Caused By Yin Deficiency

Kidney Yin Deficiency is a common syndrome in menopause with symptoms night or afternoon sweats and/or hot flashes. However, Yin Deficiency can occur at any age, and is more common as we age.

With Yin Deficiency add to general Aroma Acu-therapy™ protocol above:

Vaginal Dryness Caused by Blood Deficiency

Blood in Yin in nature, so this would be part of a Yin Deficiency pattern most likely with dry skin and a pallid complexion. For women still menstruating, bleeding would possibly be scanty.

With Blood Deficiency add to general Aroma Acu-therapy protocol above:

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Blood Stagnation Causing Vaginal Pain

This would present with sharp, stabbing pain. Trauma or prolonged Blood Deficiency can lead to Blood stagnation

Vulvar and Labial Pain 

This syndrome occurs when Blood and Qi stagnation of the energetic acupressure channels that traverse the regional are blocked.

Note: the general Aroma Acu-Therapy protocol noted above will clear Blood and Qi Stagnation related to pain of the vagina, labia, or vulva.

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Internal Dampness Causing Vaginal Itching and Discomfort

Internal Dampness is related to yeast infections and vaginal discharges generally. Internal Dampness occurs with an organ level imbalance called Spleen Qi Deficiency which must be addressed for good outcomes. Itching can indicate Internal Wind and possibly Damp-Heat conditions.

Bartholin's Cyst Natural Therapy

Damp-Heat Causing Bartholin's Cysts

When Liver Qi Stagnation causes pathogenic Heat it can combine with Internal Dampness and cause Damp-Heat and cysts in the vaginal area

Vaginal Dryness During Intercourse

As women age it is not unusual for vaginal dryness to interfere with sex. The Replenish-V cream can be applied prior to intercourse but is more effective used nightly to promote vaginal hydration and elasticity in general.

Vaginal Atrophy

It is important for women to remain sexually active as they age, even if they do not have a partner. Vaginal drying and atrophy can cause serious health consequences later in life with the thinning of the vaginal wall and loss of tenacity leading to tears and pain. The Replenish-V cream can be applied nightly to the vaginal cavity.

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Using Chinese Medical Channel Theory for Self-care

The acupressure channels that are typically implicated with the vagina include the Spleen Channel, Liver Channel, and Ren Mai which all traverse the area. Self-care Aroma Acu-Therapy Points can be chosen by Channel Theory as described linked here.

Pro Tips:

  1. We provide detailed information for many commonly used acupressure points; you can research the related articles to see which points are the most appropriate for your specific condition.
  2. Keep in mind that you are trying to apply Aroma Acu-therapy to only 5-8 points daily for a focused therapy.

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