Male Sexual Health

Male Sexual Health

Chinese Medicine for Male Sexual Dysfunction

Chinese medicine recognizes many causes for sexual dysfunction including specific constitutional deficiencies and imbalances. Correcting these root organ-level causes not only promotes improved sexual function but also better health overall; sexual problems are seen as the symptom of a larger health picture. Chinese medicine is not like popping a little blue pill to perform as it takes time to bring true balance and wellness to the body. For best outcomes using self-care, combine associated Acupressure Sticks™ to acu-points, organic herbs, topical remedies, and good lifestyle practices.

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Acupressure Points for ED and Male Sexual Health 

Learn How to Apply Pressure to Acu-points Linked Here!essential oils for acupressure

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Causes of Male Sexual Issues in Chinese Medicine

Kidney Deficiency and EDageless male sexual health herbal supplement

Any appropriate tonic formula that contains Kidney tonic herbs will likely be beneficial to a man’s sexual health; many who choose to take Return to Spring formula for their hair loss are happy to report this unexpected side effect! Although some of the herbs used have immediate beneficial effects, the core herbal Tonics that address underlying deficiencies take time to repair the different bodily functions. Tonics should be used throughout our aging years to prevent the progression of chronic illnesses and to insure that we are able to fully enjoy all of the years of our life as a whole sexual person. Consider our organic Sustained Essence formula!

Kidney Essence Deficiency and Male Sexual Health 

The main symptom of Kidney Essence Deficiency for men would be a lifetime of low sexual drive. Poor sperm quality and malformation of the male sexual organs would also point to Essence Deficiency. Consider our organic Sustained Essence formula!

Kidney Yin Deficiency and Male Sexual Healthyang topical essential oils

Possible indications of Yin Deficiency in men can include Deficient Heat signs such as thirst at night, night sweats, hot flashes, tinnitus, nocturnal sperm leakages, or hyper-sexuality. An additional symptom of Yin Deficiency for men would be a strong sex drive but premature ejaculation. Consider our organic Yin Valley formula!

Kidney Yang Deficiency and ED

Yang Deficiency leading to male sexual problems would have several indications which could include cold testes, soreness and weakness in the lower back and knees, poor memory, hearing and hair loss, loose teeth, aversion to cold and cold extremities. A clear sign of Yang Deficiency is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. Consider our organic Ancestor Treasure Yang formula used with our organic Yin Valley formula!


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Kidney-Heart Imbalances and Male Sexual Healthcirculation stimulation remedy with essential oils

Blood flow is vital for maintaining a healthy erection for men. The Heart influences Blood circulation throughout the body, and lack of proper circulation can be detrimental to not only a man’s general wellness, but to his sexual performance as well. One clear indication of advanced Blood Stagnation for men would be pain of the testicles or groin, whereas numbness and tingling in the hands or feet would be seen during the earlier stages. Consider our organic Blood Mansion formula!

Kidney-Liver Imbalances and Male Sexual Healthfree and easy wanderer organic chinese herbal formula

The Liver channel traverses the testicles and male sexual organs and the proper flow of Qi and Blood through the Liver acupuncture meridian is essential for a male to have proper sexual function. Any issue with ejaculation points to Liver congestion. A man with pent-up stress from chronic Liver Qi Stagnation will possibly have the need to ejaculate often. A major symptom of Liver congestion is easy anger and a feeling of frustration often. Consider our organic Free and Easy Wanderer formula!

Dampness Impeding the Free Flow of Qi and Blood and ED

When the Spleen energetic organ (TCM) is impaired, Internal Dampness can accumulate in the body blocking the flow of Qi and Blood necessary for a man to function sexually, possibly blocking the ability to maintain an erection. One symptom of Internal Dampness in a man would be prostate issues, while another may be seminal emissions during urination: More indication of Internal DampnessConsider our organic Restore the Middle Way formula!

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Aging and Sexual Declinetonic organic herbs wellness longevity

Chinese medicine recognizes that men's sexual drive declines over time; this is because the aging process leads to the consumption of Kidney Yin and Essence, or Jing. One can slow this process by practicing good lifestyle practices regularly. These would include acupressure self-care, Qigong exercises, tonic herbs, healthy dietary practices, and daily meditation.

Hyper-sexuality and Heart Heat

A low sex drive or A-sexuality would be considered abnormal in Chinese medicine, but so too would a very high sex drive. A relatively hyper-sexual drive may be a sign of Heart Heat which may lead to heart disease and/or high blood pressure over time. Apply the Fire Element Acupressure Stick to Acupressure Point Heart 8

Trauma Leading to Impotence

Trauma, surgery, pharmaceutical medications and other external forces that can contribute to ED are not as well addressed with Chinese medicine as indications of natural decline, but can be considered. Certainly, with trauma and surgery, herbs that improve circulation are going to speed healing and lead to improved outcomes.

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