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Leg Spasms and Chinese Medicineleg muscle cramp topical herbal remedy

Chronic bouts of leg cramps would point to deeper imbalances in the body that must be identified and resolved to stop leg cramps. Here, we will detail the main symptoms that are signs of specific organ deficiencies and the related protocols that should be used. For best outcomes using self-care, combine associated Aroma Acu-Sticks®  to acu-points, topical remedies, and good lifestyle practices.

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Acupressure Points for Leg Cramps-Spasms

Everything You Need to Know About Applying Pressure to Acu-points Linked Here!

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Types of Imbalances Causing Leg Cramps in Chinese Medicine

Liver Imbalances Resulting and Leg Crampsliver detox remedy with essential oils

The Liver is involved with the free flow of Qi throughout the body, as well as the health and tenacity of the tendons according to Chinese medicine; if there are Liver Qi constraints, there could be Qi Stagnation anywhere in the body. Where Qi goes Blood goes, so the Qi stagnation will eventually result in Blood Stagnation. Additionally, when there is Liver Qi Stagnation, Internal Wind may develop marked by twitching and spasms in the body.

Spleen Deficiency Resulting in Qi and Blood Deficiency

The Spleen is central in the production of Qi and Blood in the body and is related to the muscles in Chinese medicine. Spleen Qi Deficiency can, therefor, contribute to Qi and Blood Deficiency seen with leg cramps. If the Blood and Qi are not abundant they cannot move freely through the channels to nourish the muscles and tendons. Also, when there are voids in the channels and vessels due to Blood and Qi Deficiency they can become occupied by Internal Wind causing spasms.

Dampness Blocking the Channels Causing Leg Cramps

If Spleen Qi Deficiency persists, Internal Dampness can develop with feelings of heavy limbs and possibly numbness or dull ache. Symptoms of Internal Dampness would worsen with wet weather.

Kidney Yin Deficiency Resulting in Night Time Muscle Spasmskidney yang essential oils

When symptoms are worse at night, Chinese medical diagnostics implicates Yin Deficiency. Kidney Yin Deficiency would likely have symptoms of thirst at night and possibly night sweats or hot flashes. Also, Blood is a Yin substance and Heart Blood helps to ground the mind at night for sounder sleep.

Kidney Yang Deficiency Resulting in Coldness in the Channels

Qi is a vital substance that is warming in the body. If pathogenic Coldness develops in the channels Qi and Blood stagnation would develop. This type of cramping would have tightening of the muscles, would be aggravated by cold temperatures, and would improve with the topical application of heat. Consider applying our Kidney Yang Stick to the lower back over the kidneys and to the area on the leg spasming. 

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