Male prostate issues include Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) and chronic inflamed prostatitis are addressed with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) according to the symptoms that are presenting. BPH is most common in men over 50, and while the condition may have just recently become more noticeable, it is due to a lifetime of accumulated imbalances according to TCM. More than one pattern of imbalance is likely, and men tend to cycle through different symptoms during different cycles of prostate imbalances; thus, two or three herbal formulas may be required to bring your body in to balance and to re-enforce underlying deficiencies leading to urinary issues or discomfort

Liver Qi Stagnation and the Prostate Ageless Herbs Organic Free and Easy Wonderer

Qi, or Chi, is the energetic component that gives us animation and vitality according to TCM. If Qi were abundant and flowing freely, there would be no disruption of urine flow. Where Qi goes, Blood goes according to Chinese medicinal theory, and there would be no prostate pain without Qi and-or Blood Stagnation. There are several reasons that Liver Qi Stagnation stands central to prostate issues:

  1. The Liver controls the movement of Qi throughout the body generally, and any Qi Stagnation can be associated with the Liver.
  2. The Liver acupuncture channel traverses the male genital organs, and clearing Qi energetic blocks is necessary for good prostate health.
  3. If the Liver energy does not move freely, the Liver (TCM) heats up. This Heat, combined with Internal Dampness, can cause burning urination and pain and Damp-Heat.

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Blood Stagnation and the Prostate

Longstanding Qi Stagnation will eventually lead to Blood Stagnation according to Chinese medicine. This pattern is often includes:

  • Sharp, intense perineal pain that radiates to the lower abdomen, testes, penis, and thigh
  • Painful intercourse, especially during ejaculation
  • Painful urination
  • A hard prostate, possibly with nodules
  • Mental-emotional depression, restlessness and irritability, insomnia

Spleen Qi Deficiency and the Prostate

Ongoing Spleen Qi Deficiency opens the door for Internal Dampness since the Spleen is responsible for the transformation of fluids according to TCM. This pattern would include:

Damp-Heat and the Prostate

As the Liver and Spleen imbalances deepen, Damp-Heat is likely to develop. It would present with the following symptoms:

Kidney Yin Deficiency and the Prostate

Without careful watch over our physical and mental health throughout our life, Kidney Yin will be consumed and depleted as we age. The common symptoms of a feeling of a low grade fever or night sweats may be present along with these possible symptoms:

Kidney Yang Deficiency and Prostate

Kidney Yang energy depends on Kidney Yin, so both deficiencies must be addressed with this condition. Symptoms include:

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