Neck Pain

Chinese Medical Protocols for Neck Stiffness and Pain

neck pain remedy with essential oilsThe causes of neck pain are varied according to Western medicine and include aging, stress, strains, and trauma. Chinese medicine includes a few other causes of neck pain and stiffness including External Wind exposure and Qi and/or Blood Stagnation of the acupressure-acupuncture Channels that travel through the neck.

We have characterized and differentiated types of neck pain according to Chinese medical theory so that you can more effectively use self-care to resolve this condition. For best outcomes using self-care, combine associated Aroma Acu-Sticks® to acu-points, topical remedies, and good lifestyle practices.

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Acupressure Points for Neck Pain

essential oils for acupressureLearn How to Effectively Activate Acupressure Points Linked Here!

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neck pain remedy with essential oilsCupping Therapy for Neck Pain and/or Stiffness

Self-care cupping has grown in popularity in recent years due to its' effectiveness and ease of application. Apply our Alleviate Cupping Solution to maximize the effect of cupping, help to break up Blood and Qi Stagnation, and expel pathogenic Wind.

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Neck Pain and Stiffness Due to Trauma and/or Sports Injury

This would include repetitive stress, whiplash, and strains. Trauma causes Blood and Qi Stagnation that blocks the free flow of energy of the Acupressure Channels according to Chinese medicine. Cupping self-care therapy, Dit Da Jows, and Aroma Acu-Therapy all work to promote the free flow of Qi and Blood and can be used together in self-care.

stress relief essential oilsNeck Pain and Stiffness Due to Stress

Those with chronic stress sometimes tense up, especially in the area of the neck and shoulders causing pain, tightness, and stiffness.

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Neck Pain and Stiffness Due to Aging

According to Chinese medicinal theory, the Kidney energetic organ system houses the Jing, or Essence, which nourishes the marrow. If neck pain is due to the deterioration of the cervical spine, it may be due to Kidney Deficiency and the exhaustion of Essence.

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headache essential oilsNeck Pain and Stiffness with Headache

The Liver and Gallbladder energetic organ systems are both part of the Wood Element of Chinese medicine and are connected. The Gallbladder Channel traverses the neck and carries Liver Heat to the head causing headaches. Often, the base of the occipital bone at acupuncture point Gallbladder 20 will be tender with palpation, and pressure applied to this point will help to relieve the headache.

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Neck Pain and Stiffness Due to External Wind

According to Chinese medical theory, exposure to wind can cause pain syndromes and disease. Wind enters at the area of the neck and it is advised that one wear scarves and protect the body from an external pathogenic invasion when in windy environments.

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Using Chinese Medical Channel Theory for Self-care

There are quite a few acupuncture meridians, or channels, that traverse the neck. Points located on distal limbs are more effective at resolving pain than the acupuncture points located right on the neck.

The channels that are typically implicated with neck pain include Large Intestine Acupressure Channel, Du Mai, Bladder Channel, Small Intestine ChannelGallbladder Acupressure Channel, and the San Jiao Acupressure Channel. Self-care Aroma Acu-Therapy Points can be chosen by Channel Theory as described linked here.

acupuncture channels of the neck

Pro Tips:

  1. It is not necessary to choose points located directly above pain; master practitioners often use distal points to the pain and often state that the points located the furthest from the pain are the most effective.
  2. Palpating points along the channels can help determine an effective protocol as the most tender points are often the most appropriate points to apply Aroma Acu-Therapy™.
  3. We provide detailed information for many commonly used acupressure points; you can research the related articles to see which points are the most appropriate for your specific condition.
  4. Keep in mind that you are trying to apply Aroma Acu-therapy to only 5-8 points daily for a focused therapy.

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